Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So I have been feverishly cutting plasticard tubing and scrounging for bitz to great my (Mega-nob) Tinboyz. What is a Tinboy?

Well in Rogue Trader days there were rules for robots. Tinboyz were the ork equivalent to imperial robots. Ork Meks got jealous and out came the first Tinboyz. They were humanoid in shape and design. Some looked like eldar, squat, or space marines. They were a bit of fun.

I actually really do not like the GW mega-nob models so I thought I would have a go a creating tinboyz of my own from scratch.

The legs are made from plasticard tubes and the feet are layers of cut plasticard stuck together. I used a blob of greenstuff to help stick the legs together until the glue on their ankles dries.

I have used Tamiya barrels as torsos and old ork armour plating for chest plates. The heads are the small wheels off a leman russ (filed down) with thumb tack tips as the ocular sensor.

The models below are only blue tacked together. I need to properly create waists so they can tilt to face the proper direction but this gives you an idea of scale.

Tomorrow... The first look at the panzers...

Til then...


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