Thursday, July 28, 2011

The "Looted" Panzer WIP

Well as I said I went on a shopping spree at my new favourite Boston retailer of toy soldiers (Hobby Bunker). I picked up a pile of plastic tanks for the Orkingrad Brigade. Here are the beginnings of the panzers... (looted boomgun wagons)

As you can see they fit the scale of GW tanks.

I have removed the fronts of the turrets because I want to replace them with actual GW battle cannon barrels (I wanted big fat barrels). The models themselves have a fair bit of detail that isn't as crisp as GW kits BUT add a few plates and bullet holes and I think they will be perfect for the boyz.

I want to add flags laying on the back as identifiers so "Fighter Bombaz" can not "accidentally" shoot the wagons when they fly by. Something about an ork pilot shooting his mates for giggles makes me laugh...

Back to work...


  1. That panzerII is a cracking match in scale - is it 1:35?

  2. Nope. It is some random plastic toy soldier scale... (like the kind we used to play with as kids...)

  3. here in the states there was a company called, I think it was 32X. They made WWII and modern era plastic tanks for a short period of time at 1/32 scale with rolling chasis. I'm actually going to be using a couple in my Space Marine army, after doing some converting.