Monday, September 26, 2011

Scibor Adeptus Custodes Size Comparisons

Today is my 200th blog post. Time flies when you are having fun I guess...

Well... Months ago I bought an entire army worth of Adeptus Custodes models from Scibor miniatures and had the models shipped to my parents house in the USA. Due to my sister's pre-wedding craziness I didn't really get anywhere on the project when I was there. 10 weeks later and I am back for the actual wedding and this time I have come better prepared with better bitz, tools, and paint. Time to get cracking!

I woke up early this morning with jetlag and unpacked my gear. I then grabbed all the resin models and gave them a warm soapy bath to get rid of the mold releasing agents. While I will let most of the models air dry, I did hand dry a few for size comparisons.

I have blue tacked arms and shoulder pads on the models and had my first discovery. They are HUGE! With shoulder pads the models start to look better but these are models that are really meant to have terminator arms. Have a look at what I mean.

I have not cleaned the flash off these models yet nor are they posed even vaguely correctly (one has an extra hand for example) but I hope you can see from the pictures that the arms look weedy.

I have compensated for this a bit by adding extra blue tac inside the shoulder pads and lowering the arms on the torsos a bit (interesting the scibor models don't have flat plates where the arms fit allowing this).

Anyway here is one compared to a scibor "page" or assistant model...

Now for the actual GW model comparisons. Next to a grey knight...

The GK is not on a base but then again neither is my custodes... I had planned to put these models on tall scenic bases but they tower over regular 28mm models. I may just stick to that plan as they are not supposed to be marines... Have to think about that.

Here is another Custodes... This time next to a chaos marine. This custodes has two arms that surprisingly meet mainly due to the rounded torso plates. Maybe this will work?

Off to move furniture. More to come later...

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  1. I think it will work just fine how it is. That last shot with the chaos warrior, especially considering the Custodes has no base, makes it look like it will fit fine. They are supposed to be a little bigger, as you point out.