Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The (War)Band Is Coming!!! Sons of Helvis Tour Posters

Sooooo.... As I have written before I really do enjoy a good theme to an army. I feel this should be expressed visually in the way the army is painted and presented and in the choices that make up the army compositionally. Every now and then I do get a little crazy with the fluff and things like this happen.

My Sons of Helvis (Elvis themed Chaos Marine Army) was very instrument and band themed sooooo it was only natural that a (war)band would advertise before they came to town. I imagine chaos cultists plastering hive cities with posters before the "big guy" comes to town. Actually I am pretty sure that chaos cultists do this job normally in real life soooo... Here are the posters.

A big Thank You to my old buddy Ahab who doesn't play these silly games and yet made the time to whip these up using technology that I do not fully understand.

Four years ago? (maybe 5 years ago) I made full posters of these (lots of them) and posted them all around Arcanicon. It was lots of fun and my opponents all weekend seemed pretty excited to play my army. Next time I think I will give out tour t-shirts to opponents on the day. Hmmmmm....

As always I encourage y'all to push the boundaries when creating your armies and when preparing armies for events. It really adds something special on the day and can be a real inspiration to those around you.

On a side note my school had its concert the other night and we had an 80's theme... This is one of my co-workers and I. I would be the lovely gentleman on the left. Lots of work to set up (the concert) but it was really rewarding and extremely fun!

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  1. That is awesome. Your blog is always a good read.