Friday, September 2, 2011

A VERY Generous Gift: RT ORKS!!!

When I was home a few weeks back, Jason, one of my best mates GAVE me his Games Workshop 40K collection. Jason and I played against eachother for HOURS as kids. (OK highschool). I always used my RT Space marines or Nids and Jason always used his guard or Orks or Eldar (or all together). It was heaps of fun. Rogue Trader 40K (1st Edition) was almost unplayble by today's standards and yet... We loved it!

I brought the orks with me back to Australia and I am pondering evil things. Anyway here are the models...
Now you have to keep in mind that we didn't have anyone to help us learn how to paint. The Internet didn't exist in any reality. White Dwarf didn't have painting articles... It was pure trial and error. We were kids... That being said.
DAMN! I remember the orks looking really good and looking at them now... some 20 years later... Some of the free hand my mate painted on those orks is beyond my skill now. Further proof that you should just give it a go and sometimes you will be surprised at what comes out on the other end.
For example:

This free hand was painted by what I would consider a HUGE brush now.

The basic painting was base coats and controlled dry brushing but the free hand is nice...

And size wise I am shocked at how the orks' size holds up to todays models...

and of course some things didn't hold up size wise...

Here is the Army: My favourite models of the era... Madboyz!


More Nobs and some command models:

The Weirdboy:

The Green Ogryn that is the Warboss... Still WIP...

Assorted Boyz:

I know the models are goofy and not super serious and that there is some serious biker leather envy going on on lots of these models but I don't care. Orks will always look like this is my mind's eye (at least a little). Don't get me wrong I love the "mean" orks of today but these are the orks of my youth. I have nothing but fond memories of these guys.

I am very excited that I get to give these boyz a good home and a 2nd lease on life on 40K battlefields.

If you are reading this... Thanks Jason I will be using these for no good sooner rather than later.



  1. Wow, what a treasure trove. I love those old orcs. I remember a mate of mine had a lot of these at the time too, so plenty of nostalgia there for me as well.

  2. That is awesome. Those models bring back a lot of memories, none of my older models were painted that well! Usually my orks were painted Bilious Green and Chainmail.

  3. Ah, I fondly remember these!

    I still use a squad of RT-era Orks in my army, though it's been awhile since I've used them.

    Good stuff, sir!

  4. I am super excited about the army. Was digging around on the weekend and pulled up about 10 or so other RT era orks of my own. Mine are bare metal though. Will have to figure out how to finished these boys and get mine to match...