Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sons of Helvis Noise Marines (Pictures)

So... A while back I posted some shots of my old/ new WIP noise marine army the "Sons of Helvis." (An Elvis themed Slaneshi themed chaos space marine army) Since that time I have taken brush to minis a few times but can't seem to get the boys going again. I have taken pictures of the 4 squads of noise marines that have been hanging around in the meantime.

These were painted 5 years ago at least but I was really proud of them at the time...
Here is little "Helvis" getting out of "The Lisa Marine" (his pink rhino) with his personal band:
Note the sunnies and power mic (weapon)... Thank you to Tim Beaty for the help with the head. Those sunnies are perfect.

Little Helvis gets cranky and turns into Big "Helvis" (Greater Daemon)... He looks like this...

Here are the four squads of 6 noise marines in groups of three...
The "Command" squad

The Purple Squad

The Green Squad

And finally the Blue Squad

Hope you enjoyed them...

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  1. Oh wow! Jonas used to always tell me about these but I'd never actually seen them, they're very cool! I particularly like the Blue Squad. Especially the one with the lascannon looking gun...
    Well done good sir!