Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black Library

Allllrighty… I have spent a bit of time lately discussing GW’s recent business decisions which is always a slippery slope of rumor and opinion. I am starting to get annoyed with similar business decisions being made by GW owned side companies.
Let me begin by saying that I generally LOVE Black Library's stuff. I do pick which novels I buy in advance by author and subject and this has seemed to work pretty well for me. Keeps me from avoiding some of the dud novels that BL invalibably puts out every now and then.

Black Library is continuing their best selling Horus Heresy line by selling a limited run story about Lorgar called The Aurelian. This “A5 sized” “Novella” is written by by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (writer of the immensely popular newer Night Lords books)(I really like his stuff). Cool right? Well there are two ways to get this book. Drop $30 for their “silver” version (hardback I believe) or $50 for the “Gold” edition (US Prices). Now these come with cool colour sections and extras BUT at the end of the day they are charging $$$ for a large short story.

Don’t get me wrong… The Aurelian looks awesome BUT they are not specific about the length of the piece and that is a lot of money to pay for an unknown product. Adding insult to injury they are releasing it in an extremely limited release print meaning every fan boy will want one (including this one). 3000 prints is a small run for any book. The question is… Do I get one? At least this isn’t one of those “limited” models like the emperor’s champion model years ago where you have to go to a specific place on a specific day at a specific time and sacrifice a specific animal to get it. Don’t get me started on getting the skaven Gamesday 2011 model….

This is not the first time that Black Library has pulled this though… Apparently I missed Promethean Sun at some point earlier. This was another of the $50 limited edition pre-heresy novels featuring the Salamanders, Death Guard and Iron Hands. Sure I probably sound like a kid that can’t what he wants but I can’t get what I want!

Now all is not lost. The new Dan Abnett Gaunt’s Ghosts hardback is out. That always makes me a happy kid and as I am in the states I was able to buy it for half the price I would have gotten it for in Melbourne. I won't spoil anything but I really did enjoy it. (The Gaunt's books always go so fast when I read them).

On a side note, Forgeworld has always had casting issues but getting staff there to give a damn and send replacement parts has always been tricky. Recently they appear to have taken a more GW style stance when it comes to customer service (which is generally a really good thing). I have friends that recently had miscast pieces in their newer FW toys and when they called to complain they actually got solutions. Something along the line of “take and picture of the problem piece and we will send you a replacement.” Wait a minute… That actually makes sense! I like it! These friends also got their orders in a timely fashion! It could be that FW has upped their game and I hope this is the case. Only time will tell…

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