Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lots of Leaked New Necron Photos`

Well after been so tight lipped about the new and up coming hotness looks like GW either intentionally leaked a crud load of images to Beasts of War OR Beasts of War got the big scoop... Either way I am a very happy panda... This stuff looks great. I will skip the labels (since the photos are labelled) and skip the commentary... Enjoy...

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  1. I'm reserving judgement till I see the rules and fluff that go with them but I think this is a positive step forward for the crons. Plenty of variety and new units that seem to fit in with the army's existing style. I like the idea of the Barges and Arks. Glad that as far as vehicles go they didn't end up with baby monoliths and bigger tomb spyders.

    Love the look of the Deathmarks and Lyche Guard :)

    I'm hopeful that the fluff will be as good and a satisfactory list can be built from the codex, It'd renew my interest in 40k and that's a good thing right?