Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brian's Motor Pool (Blood Angel's)

Wellllll... here is the last of Brian's Blood Angels including my favourite model in the army. The Baal Predator. Enjoy

As one of the uniquely Blood Angels units the Baal Predator is a “must-have” for my army pool. As with many of the units in my army this model was inspired by the Baal Predator Blood Angels card in the Siege of Malogrim Hive starter set of the Warhammer 40,000 CCG by Sabertooth Games. It’s also a ton of fun to throw handfuls of shooting dice each shooting phase during a game of 40K.

This tank is named “Ramiel” after the Angel of the same name whose name means “thunder of God”. Equipped with twin-linked assault cannons, two heavy bolters, and a storm bolter Ramiel definitely brings the noise and is able to generate an absolutely withering barrage of fire.

This model has been upgraded with several Forgeworld resin accessories, including extra armor, a Blood Angels front armor plate, an Imperial eagle rear hatch and several pieces of stowage. The rolled tarp on the back of the turret has been painted with an urban digital camouflage pattern consistent with the camo cloaks worn by Scout Squad Remus. I sculpted the purity seals and parchments adorning the turret out of epoxy putty to add a few extra touches.

This model was selected as a finalist by the judges during the Golden Demon painting contest at Baltimore Games Day 2010.

The landspeeder model has probably experienced more frequent evolution throughout the various editions of WH40K than any other vehicle kit that comes to my mind. This model is built from one of the plastic kits first introduced in the third edition starter box. As with many of the other units in my army this unit was also inspired by the various Blood Angels landspeeder cards in Sabertooth’s WH40K CCG.

This vehicle is named after an alternative spelling of the Angel Ambriel (Amriel). The name Amriel is found inscribed on an oriental Hebrew charm (kamea) for warding off evil.

The Forgeworld Blood Angels icons (the winged chalice on the front and the Blood Angels chapter symbol on the left rear quarter) were added to provide an enhanced Blood Angels look. This model was selected as a finalist in the WH40K Vehicle category of the Baltimore Games Day Golden Demon painting competition in 2009

The angel figures used to create these objectives are Reaper miniatures. With my army being an urban-themed army in its basing and camo schemes I decided that my objective markers would be statues adorning an Imperial hive city. In addition to the statues, each column has a street light component to it from the WH40K city terrain kits, making these statues both aesthetically pleasing and functional to the city’s populace in times of peace. Each column has withstood the test of combat as evidenced by several bullet holes and other battle damage inflicted upon them during past combat engagements. The laurel on the head of one of the statues was added from the contents of my WH40K bitz box.

If you want to check out more photos of all of Brian's stuff I highly recommend that you cehck out his photo album:

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