Monday, October 10, 2011

Exciting New Toys for Guard (and Ogre) Players

Well it is 5AM... My bags are half unpacked across my living room and I am back in Australia... Gotta love jetlag...
Sounds like a perfect time for a blog post!

I had a few hours of downtime in the airport in Brisbane on the way back down under and found a few things that I thought were noteworthy in the new and up and coming.

Victoria Lamb has continued her trend of releasing high end metal conversion kits for guard models. You might remember she has previously done kilted guard conversion kits. This time around she has a very exciting penal guard conversion kit complete with RT style bomb collars and some nice character heads to mix in with the convicts. I really like how she has more than twice as many heads available for this kit adding a real differentiation to the squad or squads when you build them.

Here is a close up of some of the heads and their size.

And for scale purposes... (Riddik anyone?)

Kromlech is back with some exciting stuff for those of us who have been wanting to make Blood Pact troops... Armoured torsos and matching backpacks... The backpacks are separate so you do not have to attach them but they come with the torsos.... so why not?

Here are some shots fully stollen from the internet of the torsos with GW, FW and maxi-mini kits.

They have also come out with a series of gas mask heads... I LOVE these especially the one in the upper right hand corner. I need an army's worth of those soon I think...

And as it is the season Scibor has released it halloween promo model. I love their Halloween stuff. This year their choice is Aaaar2D2... An ork Star Wars nod... He comes free if you order $40 or more dollars from Scibor this month... You can also buy him on the side.

And it should be noted that you WFB players out there have options if you hate the GW butcher model as much as I do...
Scibor has released this big boy... (for half the price of the GW one... In Australia anyway)

Hope the rest of you are getting a good nights sleep out there.


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  1. I saw those releases from Victoria Lamb the other day. Is it just me or is one of the very Riddick-esque? Still, they're pretty sweet looking! As is the Butcher ... maybe it's time to rescue the Ogres from Dave's Garage!