Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Award Winning Army (This time one that was featured in WD)

So day two of Cancon I had the privilege of playing another veteran player of many years, Chris Mackonis.  I am not sure if many of you know his name but he is a WFB Warriors of Chaos fanatic that has been building and playing WOC for over 20 years.  His models are immaculately painted and converted and feature models from many generations of GW Chaos models.  His army was displayed in White Dwarf a few years back and I have to say the models are much better in person which is saying something because they were beautiful in print.  My photos are not to the same caliber but I had to get some happy snaps none the less.  Here is Chris's army:

These Khorne knights ate two units of my knights and a chariot all at one time!

This Khorne Lord was a beast that ate huge chunks out of my army.  Khorne Lord with Jugger, the Armour of Moreslieb, Dawnstone and some kind of bonus strength sword.  Dude had a rerollable 1 up save with a 4 up ward.  He also had a truckload of attacks... Brutal!!! 

The Warshrine

Here is another shot of the Warshrine

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