Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Take On Hob(goblins)

The Chaos Dwarf madness continues.  After a crazy week of work in my new job at a new school I have been able to finish cutting and assembling 26 of the 30 chaos dwarf warrior hybrids that I need for my new army.  The last 4 slots will be taken up by a yet to be determined unit filler (suggestions anyone?).  That just leaves a fairly large number of belts, pouches and scale mail armour pieces to sculpt to cover up the construction.  Well I know what I will be doing for a while.

With the actual dwarves sorted that just leaves the rest of the core to be filled out.  In a word: Hobgoblins!

What can I say, I love the little blighters.  In my mind they are an integral part of the chaos dwarf fluff and story.  I have always thought that the chaos dwarves would be few in number and that in battle they would drag along their backstabbing, sneaky minions to get in the way of enemies while the dwarves whittled down opponents from afar.  In the new book they were the biggest disappointment for me as the new list did not include my favourite unit in the old army.  Sneaky Gitz.  Sure they were crap but they were cheap and man did I have fun poisoning everything in sight.  The new list has generic Hobgoblins but at 5 points I know that I would rather have regular goblins (for less) or chaos marauders (who are admittedly undercosted).

Whatever.  I got over it.  I decided that I needed my hobgoblin unit to out number my Chaos Dwarf unit as I explained earlier I feel as though that is the way it would work in "real life."  Probably not a great battlefield choice but I am not playing Chaos Dwarves to win.

Now a while ago as part of my "Chaos Dwarf Liberation" Orc and Goblin Army I made generic goblins that I intentionally designed to appear more hobgobliny than regular goblins.  They were made using a 40K ork shoota with clips and handles cut off.  This pole was then stuck to a base muzzle down so it made a cylinder of plastic sticking up.  From there I glued a goblin head to the tube and sculpted furry cloaks to cover the tube and to give the model some girth (not much mind you...  they are supposed to be weedy).  They ended up looking like this:

From there paint was applied and they ended up looking like this:  (please keep in mind that the helmets are not done and I have not decided what to do with the bases yet)

Or a close up:
Hope you like them...  More to the point I hope I like them on the battlefield.  With 40 I am paying a fair number of points for a crappy unit.  Time will tell I suppose.


  1. I would be tempted to model one or two of them with the cloak wide open (holding it open, flasher-style) and then have the inside of the cloak laden with knives and various other weaponry - show how dangerous these guys are on the inside...

  2. That's a great idea Greg, they are coming along really well. I can't wait to see the finished army.

  3. That is a really good idea man. Will have to make that happen...