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Book Of Grudges 2012

The Book of Grudges is a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament consisting of 6 games played over 2 days. September 8th and 9th 2012. Games will be played with 2400 point armies.
Book of Grudges is designed to encourage a fun and fair weekend of wardolly madness. We expect that players will use their sense of fair play, courage in battle, and skill in painting wargaming miniatures. This player pack is designed to explain how players will
be awarded points in sports, painting, composition, and generally to explain what I expect at BOG 2012.

Book of Grudges will be held at The Hampton Community Centre.
Hampton Community Centre
14 Willis Street,
Hampton VIC 3188

Registration Information:
Please email  whatisabattle(at)  (use the @ not (at) please) and I will email you information regarding how to register to BOG 2012. Book Of Grudges 2012 is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED EVENT.  ONCE IT IS FULL.  IT IS FULL! (Our venue has limited room this year.  There is a max of approximately 56 players at the moment)

Please email your army lists to whatisabattle(at)
(use the @ not (at) please)

We will once again be sponsored and supported by The Hampton Club and Realm Of Legends.

September 8th and 9th 2012.

9:20 am – Registration
10:00 – Game One Begins
12:30 – Game One Ends. Lunch Time.
1:00 – Game Two Begins
3:30 – Game Two Ends
4:00 – Game Three Begins
6:30 – Game Three Ends

10:00 – Game Four Begins
12:30 – Game Four Ends. Lunch. Player's Choice voting.
1:00 – Game Five Begins
3:30 – Game Five Ends
4:00 – Game Six Begins
6:30 – Game Six Ends.
7:00 – Presentation and Wrap Up.

Army Guidelines:

Armies can be not larger than 2400 points.

Back of the book lists (if you can find one these days) are NOT allowed.

The Chaos Dwarf list out of TAMURKHAN THE THRONE OF CHAOS will be allowed (no other things will be allowed from that book).

All Games Workshop army books are allowed. If new books come out they maybe used but books released after the due date for lists may not be used.

Lists are due no later than 11:59 August 24th. Players who turn in lists after this time will be penalized for lateness. If your list is deemed to be too “hard” you may be asked to resubmit your list. If you are asked to resubmit your list you will have 48 hours to do so. If you are asked to resubmit a 2nd time or you take longer than 48 hours you will be hit with a 5 point comp penalty. If you are new to this sort of thing please ask and we can help you.

Special Characters are allowed.

General Note:

For the purposes of Line of Sight, all models count as being the correct size and shape as a standard Citadel figure. In addition, True Line of Sight will be used as per the rulebook.

Models should resemble the units ad characters that they represent. Please contact the T.O. if you have any questions regarding this.


Players in the Book of Grudges will be scored out of 200 possible tournament points. These points will be distributed as follows.

Composition/Battle: 120 points (6 games of 20)
Sports: 30 points
Painting: 20 points

These points are further broken down as follows…


At the conclusion of every round, players will be asked to judge the conduct and behavior of their opponents out of following options.

(SKULL)Why the %^*k is this guy here other than to annoy me? Worst Game EVER!!! (This Result will bring a judge for a chat.)

• (Meh) The game has been tense and not in a good way. There were frequent arguments and my opponent did not take winning or losing those arguments well. This was not a fun game!

• (Good) It was a good game of Warhammer. My opponent and I disagreed a few times but we worked it out. It was alright but not life changing by any stretch of the imagination.

• (Coolness) This is the kind of game I came to BOG to play. My opponent and I may not have always agreed but this did not stop us from having a good time and working things out. We laughed, rolled some dice and played some fun Warhammers. This guy is a pretty good dude.

• (AWESOME!!!) This is maybe the best game of Warhammer I have ever played (hands down). I have found my new best friend and I am so excited that I will be telling my poor bored wife/girlfriend/ pet rock about this game for years! (This result will result in a judge coming to discuss your opponent/game [WE WANT TO BE BORED TOO!!!].)

In addition to this game-by-game system, at the end of each tournament day you will have the opportunity to vote on your favourite player of THAT day. Players who receive the most of these votes will gain bonus points.

As you can see this system is weighted quite heavily towards the middle and that is what we expect most players to get after any given game. We built as system that’s aim it is to really reward those players that are energetic, sociable, and (most importantly) FUN to play against.


All armies must be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), and models must appropriately represent their unit. Unpainted models will be allowed.

Is the army fully painted (with a at least three colours)? 10 points
Has some effort been made to highlight/shade/detail models? 3 points.
Has there been considerable effort put into highlights/ shading/ detail painting of models? 2 points
Is there free hand detail painting in the army? 2 points
Does this army show a significant number of/ high quality conversions? 2 point.
Are the models in this army based (and movement “tray”ed) appropriately? 2 points
Has considerable effort been put into the basing of this army? 1 point
Does the army have a based and painted display board? 1 point

Painting scores max out at 20.

We expect all BOG players to be of the maturity and calibre of gamer that they know what is acceptable and what is not. We, the judges, like armies that have a good solid troops core, as well
as a great theme that is within the WFB Ethos.

(This has been stolen from Chris Cousin’s Empire in Flames Player Pack). A panel of judges will give your army list a score out of 10, to reflect how powerful it is. The more powerful, the lower the score. This is to ensure that no matter how hard or soft your army is, you will have a chance of winning the event.

After each game, compare your score with your opponent’s. Halve the difference between the two, adding that final result to the person with the highest composition score, and subtracting that score from the lowest.
E.G. Ted and Barney have just played a game, and Barney has won by 550 Victory Points, giving him a battle score of 14, and Ted of 6. However, Barney’s composition score is 4, whereas Ted’s is 6 (i.e. Ted has a softer army than Barney). Thus, the difference between the composition scores (2) is halved, then that result is added to Ted’s score and subtracted from Barney’s, so that the final result would be 13-7 in Barney’s favour. This reflects the relative difficulty in defeating a much stronger foe. Battle scores can never go above 20, nor go below 0. If composition would alter the result beyond these boundaries, simply submit a score of 20-0 instead.

I am also borrowing the following paragraphs from Chris Cousin’s 2011 Empire in Flames players pack because it says exactly what I was trying to write:
“There will be no guidelines given for what constitutes a ‘standard’ tournament army, and this is deliberately left up to the judgement of the panel. This is because players often use guidelines as a basis for disagreeing with the score they receive. Regardless of how biased you think the judges are, they are guaranteed to be less biased than the owner of the list, and hence their decision will NOT be argued. The panel consists of some of the most experienced 8th Edition players in Australia and New Zealand, and have the best idea as to what a standard tournament list should look like.

You should be bringing an army list that YOU would be pleased to see across the table. It should not rely on any single phase to win games, and should contain a mix of units and unit types where possible. Balance and variety are what we would like to see in armies. However, the final decisions for composition relate purely to the efficacy of the armies, and while you can request a reason for the score you have been given, scores will NOT be altered once they have been awarded.”

Thank you Chris!


I will be giving two bonus points to players that go out of their way to stay to a specific theme in their army (at the possible detriment of the strength of their army). I.E. Pure savage orcs and forest goblins or all mounted Warrior of Chaos or pure Khaine-ate Dark Elves. These will be added to the painting score (which once again maxes out at 20 point).


Round One – Meeting Engagement
Round Two – Dawn Attack
Round Three - Watchtower
Round Four – Battle for the Pass
Round Five – Blood and Glory
Round Six – Battleline

In Watchtower if you control the Watchtower at the end of the game you get a bonus 1000 victory points.  It does not mean that you automatically win. 

Blood and Glory: When you break your opponent's army the game ends.  Period.  You calculate victory points at that time.  The breaker gets all the points (2400) of the breaky's army.  They also get whatever bonus points they earned for killing a general or capturing standards during the game.  The breaky gets whatever points they earn including similar bonus points.

After each game, calculate the Victory Points difference between the two armies. Compare it to this table.

VP Difference – Winner’s Battle Points/Loser’s Battle Points
0-49 – 10/10
50-149 – 11/9
150-299 – 12/8
300-499 – 13/7
500-699 – 14/6
700-999 – 15/5
1000-1299 – 16/4
1300-1599 – 17/3
1600-1999 – 18/2
2000-2399 – 19/1
2400+ - 20/0

With a name like Book of Grudges you would expect there to be grudge matches. And there are. Lots of them.

Round 1 and 2 at BOG are random drawn and any player can grudge any other player (providing that they are not already playing someone else).

In rounds 3 and 5 every fifth player can issue a grudge. Starting at player 5, then 10th, then 15th, then 20th... etc... This will change in round 4 when these same places grudge but in reverse order. (so if there are 50 players... number 50 issues the first grudge).

There are no grudges in round 6.

If you accept someone's grudge in rounds 3-5 you get 2 bonus battle points for courage and a general willingness for fun tourney rules. (You can never get more that 20 battle points per round).

If you challenge someone ten places higher than you in the rankings you get a bonus 2 battle points for courage (troll slayer). If you grudge someone 20 places higher than you in the rankings you get a 3 point bonus for real courage (giant slayer). Once again you can never earn more than 20 points in a round.

Conversely if you challenge someone 10 places or below you in the rankings you suffer 1 battle point penalty for being weak and cowardly (Gobbo slayer). If you grudge someone 15 players or more from you, you will suffer a 2 point penalty for extreme noob punching (pumpkin slayer). You cannot grudge someone 20 places or more below you. Period. The lowest score you can ever get in a round is zero.

You cannot play the same person twice in the same weekend.

Winners of the following tournaments will be entitled to a Golden Grudge:
Rumble in the Bronx
Book Of Grudges 2011

If you earn a Golden Grudge, you can use it any round against any available player (except in round 6. There are no grudges in round 6). One use only.


There will be a variety of trophies and prizes to be won at Book of Grudges. These include:
The Podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd places)
Best General (Highest Battle Points while not on the Podium)
Best Sports (Highest Sportsmanship scores. Ties will be determined by a count back using the highest composition score.)
Best Painted (Judges favourite army to BOG)
Players Choice (Players favourite army at BOG)
Best Noob Player (3 events or less of any game system under their belts including this one).


It is important to point out that THE JUDGES RULINGS ARE FINAL. Please feel free to ask questions on the day or before via email or on (within reason boys and girls) but once the judges have ruled (and we do RULE!) no further correspondence will be entered into. Period. We do not suffer fools to live! Bring your best Wardollies and have some fun!

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