Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Daemon Pictures!

Well it looks like Daemons have jumped to the front of the cue release wise much to the shock of the general community.  As a long time Daemon player I am VERY excited about some of the rules that are being thrown around.  True it will be a White Dwarf List or a WD list of changes and errata.  Rules aside the models look great!

First up Blue Scribes in Finecast.

Plastic Flamers... (Strength 4 according to the rumours)

 Plastic Nurglings 

Plastic Slaanesh Chariots (I really need to see these from another angle)

I am SOOOO excited about these.  I already have three editions of PB's already.  With one box of these guys my mono-god Nurgle army will be complete.  (All I need to do is to paint them!)

I LOVE this lawn mower/ chariot thing...  Need to see the rules...

Plaguebearers (Plastic) 29.00 USD (10 Man box)
Screamers (Plastic) 29.75 USD (3 figures)
Flamers (Plastic) 20.00 USD (3 Figures)
Seekers Chariot of Slaanesh (Plastic) 29.75 USD (1 Model)
Nurglings (Plastic) 25.00 USD (3 figures)
The Blue Scribes (resin) 40.00 USD

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