Monday, July 2, 2012

What Would Khorne Do?

Well, this weekend brings Convic again to Melbourne.  At 60 players, it is one of the largest Warhammer Fantasy Events run in Australia every year.

Personally I have a bad track record with Convic.  I have paid for it three times in the past and only ever gotten to play one day of the event (horrible plague or personal crap usually strikes).  NOT THIS YEAR!!! (he says while checking over his shoulder)

Since I am rusty at WFB at the moment I thought I would take something that is "easy" to use.  Khorne Daemons led by "Mr. Huggy" the world's angriest Rastafarian.

No magic to remember...  check
No shooting... check
No morale... check
No subtlety whatsoever... CHECK!!!

The list is basically:
A bloodthirster, a few heralds, 107 bloodletters, and 5 flesh hounds.

Even I can remember how that works.  I hope...

Sure it will destroy lots of things BUT it will loose big against other lists.  Whatever, I am going for fun.  I would take something more well rounded if I was going to win.  We will see how this goes.


P.S. Stay tuned for Book Of Grudges 2012 info.  Should have a player pack, venue, and dates later in the week.

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  1. Khorne would have kept his numerous promises and come to Fields of Blood :-)