Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun with Green Stuff

Soooo I have had a hankering to finish a few projects now that I am on school holidays.

First up a brief update on the nightscythe project:

I sanded the whole thing down again (which I did outside because resin dust is "bad mmmmkay").  I then applied liquid green stuff to the divots in the wings.  This stuff is really easy to use and it was my first time ever playing with it.  I have yet to see it completely dry and I have yet to try and sand it BUT so far so good. You can see the newly filled areas in the darker green.

I then moved onto the fuselage.   Though it had sanded down beautifully the right hand side had a dip that no amount of sanding could fix.  I added a new thin layer on the right to even it out and after a few tries I am pleased with the results.  Sure it looks horrible now but after a quick session with the old sand paper tomorrow it look just about right.
Here you can see it from the front.  You can also see how the body section overlaps the wings in this shot.
Now,  you may be wondering why I am continuing with this project now that GW has put out the official models (that actually look really good). Well, I am stubborn and I put enough work into this as it is.  It would be a shame not to see it through.
 I also thought it was high time that I got back to work on the trolls for my orc and goblin army.  These guys have taken what feels like forever to do.  The basic bodies, mouths and teeth were really easy to do.  It is the grey stuffed fur that is killing me.  I generally use grey stuff for fur as I like the texture better but it is hard to manipulate  and takes a while to get right.  I decided to try something different.  I bought a long roll of cheap green stuff and tried that.

Now I use GW Green Stuff for detail work as I really like the smooth consistency and ease of use.  I do not like using it for fur.  I can never get it right if that makes sense?

This cheap generic green stuff is rougher and is perfect to fill in the patches of fur my trolls needed to be done.  You may ask why I keep applying fur in panels or patches?  Well, I kept putting my fingers in what I had been working on.  It was frustrating and time wasting so I am green stuffing in stages.  The guy on the right for example has only one leg done but I will get leg number two tomorrow when the green stuff from today has dried.

I am generally please with how they are turning out except for the guy on the right...  he just looks crappy and awkward.  That is alright though.  He can go in the 2nd rank.  I do love fantasy somedays...

Til next time gang...

Oh and Happy Belated 4th of July!

Let's just say I spent the day eating... ALOT!

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  1. No reason you should stop making yours, just because GW have come up with an official model. Yours will still be unique. Keep at it!