Monday, December 31, 2012

More ARC Indecision... BLAH!!!

So the school year finally ended and after about of week of eating and sleeping I have started coming up for air.  I got a good game in the other day against my old club mate Mikey and two good games in against another old club mate Adam "Ratboy" Jones (Thanks guys!!!).  I had a great time in all three games and each served as a mini test run for possible Arcanacon army lists (40K 1200 points).  I ran wolves against Mikey and assed a victory in a game that I was getting killed in. I used marines against Adam in game one and infantry guard in game 2.

Now wins and loses aside it is important to look at the bigger picture...  Now the wolves got pounded by long range firepower and the wolf scouts were all but useless.  Grey hunters are great but not as good as last edition.  Now...  I think I might have to rule them out as an ARC army mainly because it would require a massive amount of painting camp marines to match and according to the ARC pack you get comp hit for duplicate unit choices.  Three grey hunter packs would be a hit unless I got silly with making them different.  Meh...

The marines suffered from a brutal amount of bad luck.  That said marine scouts with sniper rifles were great...  Scouts with bolters... not so much...  Tactical squads I liked even less...  The librarian was fun but I rolled badly for his powers.  The terminator squad were good but the razorbacks with assault cannons were not.  Overall I feel like though I had a pile of shooting, it really lacked range and due to bad dice... it did next to nothing.  Once again... BLAH!

Now.  The guard.  Now for regular readers and people that have seen me around in tournaments over the years me playing guard is a regular occurrence.  I like the idea of guard.  Normal dudes fighting the worst the galaxy has to offer with little more than a pea shooter and a flak vest.  Those guys are the real heroes of the Imperium!

I ran a foot guard list which at 1200 points had something like 128 warm bodies on the board.  Which is weird because I built the army around what I had (I was looking forward to adding more stuff) and found that 1200 points covered the army perfectly.  What was weird is that I can't shake the feeling that I do not have enough guys on the table...  I really just dislike the 1200point level I think.

Now I ran one blob of 50 guys with power sword sergeants and melt guns with a chaplain.  This unit with power axes would be AMAZING! I think a few auto cannons to snap fire at flyers with while advancing on ground targets would work better than the old melta guns...  I had a few auto cannon/ grenade launcher squads on one flank with a platoon command squad with an auto cannon.  I loved this unit!  They made a mess of rhinos and applied long range pressure where it mattered.  A company command squad behind the army ran back and forth issuing necessary orders that really boosted the effectiveness of the army overall... and with 4 plasma guns, it really made a mess of the infiltrating chosen squad that appeared in my flank!

The guard were GREAT!  The problem is that I am not sure I want to play with that many models in such a tight time span.  I really struggled to play with my skaven earlier this year for similar reasons but in their case there lots of extra rules to remember.  I have been playing guard for so long that I don't have that problem.  Still do I need that headache in a tournament that I am already struggling to find motivation to attend.

If only I could figure out how to make my wyche cult work...

Any wisdom gang?  I could use some ideas!


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  1. Against another horde and it's going to be an uphill struggle to get the game done in the time. However, after today and in retrospect
    a ) Better knowledge of the rules will help
    b ) More practice with the Guard will help.
    In our game against the Guard, time wasn't an issue because the Plage Marines were a small (comparitively) force. The main time was the sneaky and under handed tactic of employing Mr. Eight as a dice roller. There was a lot of time lost explaining to him the rules and processes that had to be followed.
    The blob was just disgusting to deal with and opponent who has lots of flamers etc. is going to be better able to deal.
    Stick with the Guard; you know them and you obviously enjoyed playing with them. Add the Autocannons for in case there are flyers and make sure your squads can do anti-tank etc.