Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!

Well...  On Christmas Day in front of close friends and some family...  I bent down on bended knee and asked my lovely girlfriend, Kirsten, to marry me.  She thankfully said "YES!!!" and sooo we are happily engaged to be married (probably some time in 2014)....

I know this has nothing to do with Wardollies per se but I thought a) it is important and should be mentioned and b) I might be really happy/ excited and I thought I might show off a bit!

Here is a quick shot of a similar ring to the one that I proposed with:

Kirsten's has a blood red stone and is darker metal:

And here are a few shots of us over the last nine months of our relationship:

More hobby to resume soon...  Thank GOD for school holidays!!!

I wish all of you a VERY happy holiday season and a FANTASTIC New Years!!!

Thanks for reading...  Hope to see more of you in the coming year!



  1. those are some lovely images of you both! congratulations, good times and good health to you both!

  2. Congratulations to you both!

    Wishing you many happy, healthy years together :)

  3. Congrats sir. A good looking couple you make too.

  4. Thanks everyone! We are really happy and excited about the future! :)

  5. Many, many congratulations! Best wishes to you both for many happy, healthy years together!

  6. Congrats, now get back to painting and stop singing bad karaoke!

  7. Aaa all the best Brad....and Kirsten

    Congrats to you both