Monday, December 10, 2012

Second Hand Fun... Or Look What I Found at a Used Table

So I am a regular customer of Mind Games in Melbourne's Inner City.  They carry a wide range of products from a variety of companies in fairly decent stock levels.  What can I say... I like to support the local guys....

Anyway I dropped in last week to see what was new and as usual I stopped by their used table.  Now this is usually a pile of models that have seen better days and often sport horrific conversions/ paint schemes.  Think toys from the bad kid's room from Toy Story.

To my surprise I found a few baggies of mostly finished models that might work into to super over highlighted guard army.

11 marines with a variety of weapons, 5 terminators, and a Librarian...

They are generally very well painted and with a little work I think my guard will get the counter assault punch it desperately needs in the form of space wolf reinforcements...  We'll see though... Anyway here they are as they appear today.


  1. that is a rather interesting librarian, and a good bargain too.
    quick question though... is that a falcon or psyber raven (or what?) in between the cyclone missile racks?

  2. Very pretty, Brad. Much better than what they normally have in that pile...

    I presume that the models being painted by someone else won't matter in a 40K tournament context?

  3. Jess: It is a golden eagle. Statuesque... If that makes sense?

    Greg: Totally... Dunno... No idea who painted these and for what purpose. I missed out on the assault squad that matched these guys by about ten minutes (BUMMER!). Though it will take a fair bit of work to get them all to the same standard I am looking forward to the challenge.

    They look suspiciously like my "Tron" Deathwing army... I really need to post pictures of that some time... And play a game with them...