Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Official Deathshroud Models!

Another Christmas is upon us and for another year Forgeworld has again released portions of a new release in an advent calendar like arrangement.  In previous years we have often seen models in terminator armour as this release.  This year it appears to be no different.  Unsurprisingly, (due to the popularity of the range) this year’s models are also from the Horus Heresy series.  They have finally dropped the final pictures of a pre-release unit…  Mortarion’s bodyguard unit: Death Shroud.

When reading the Flight of the Eisenstein I LOVED the description of these guys.  Terminators sworn to silence who carry massive scythes who are always within 49 paces (7 X 7...  number of Nurgle...  etc...  Hey I like it!)  from their Primarch.  They are chosen from the rank and file legionnaires and their deaths are faked.  They give up their identity and become part of this faceless brotherhood.  AWESOME stuff!

Now I am very excited by this release for a couple of reasons.
1) Deathshroud are cool!
 2)  I assume that Mortarion will come out around the same time as his bodyguards.
3)  I am looking for a cool model for a new Typhus for my plague marine army.  With a very little conversion…  I think I am set.

I like how the armour these guys are wearing are a cross between the two ranges of terminator armour that Forgeworld make (while still nodding stylistically to the GW Typhus model)…

I will be buying a set of these guys as soon as they release.  Count on it!

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