Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And now for something completely different... DEATH COMPANY!

Sooooo life has taken some very surreal turns the last few weeks and any hopes that I had had about getting the orks done for Eastcon vanished very quickly. Shame. I am very excited to get back to them but I did want to do something different for Eastcon soooo...

Death Company!

I will get to the ideas and fluff behind what I am doing later but for now here is my Eastcon list:

1 Astorath
Astorath (220)

Squad Alpha
10 Death Company (200) 1 with a Power Fist (25) 1 with a Power Weapon (15) in a Rhino (50) Hunter Killer Rocket (10)

Squad Beta
5 Death Company (100) in Drop Pod (35) 1 with Power Fist (25)

Squad Theta
10 Blood Angel Scout (140) Sergeant With Power Fist (25)

Squad Delta
9 Death Company (180) 1 with a Power Fist (25) 1 with a Power Weapon (15) With Jump Packs (135)

Squad Epilson
5 Death Company (100) 1 with Power Fist (25) 1 with Power Weapon (15) Jump Packs (75)

Brother Gabriel
Death Company Dreanoughts (125) Blood Talons (0) Hvy Flamer (10)



Rain of Blood
Storm Raven (200) with Multi Melta (0)

1750 points on the nose...
1 scoring unit and lots of DC silliness. Do I expect to win very many games..? Honestly... Not Really. Do I expect to make a mess of a few people's armies? VERY much so! The rest of the people I play should lead my army around the board in a merry dance that will see me loose badly. C'est La Vie...


P.S. I did not paint this. In fact it is straight of of an old white dwarf. It is a D.C. Land Raider painted by the always impressive Jason Buyaki. I was his roomate at the time and watched him paint this beast VERY SLOWLY. It is pure awesome! Thought I would share...

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