Monday, August 29, 2011

Blood Angels Death Company Army

Soooo I recently attended the first day of a local 40K tourney called Eastcon. I missed day two due to malaise and malady BUT I did have a blast on the first day messing around with an army I was convinced I could not win with. I went 1, 1, and 1 with an almost pure Death Company army (I did have a scout squad)... Obviously I struggled with objective grabbing (losing one game and tie-ing the other) but when it was kill points... Ooooooo was it fun to slaughter the opponent. It looks like a very point and click army because of rage BUT it really did take alot of thought to play especially in the deployment phase. I highly recommend taking goofy armies every now and then because I think it really does make you a better player.

Anyway... Onto the army: I used the DC models I got in a massive trade a year ago and added quite a bit of fine detailing. Anyway here are the foot troops...
Let us start with 10 CC scouts...

10 DC marines in a rhino (rhino obviously missing here)... 1 with fist, 1 with power weapon

9 DC with jump packs... 1 with fist, 1 with power weapon

5 DC with Jump Packs... 1 with fist, 1 with Power Weapon (these live with Astorath in the Storm Raven)

5 DC... 1 with fist (these live in the Drop Pod)

The Drop Pod... Not completely done but close enough to tick all the boxes... Will finish soon.

DC Rhino (Dread not shown because both the Dread and Rhino's pictures were ruined by crappy lighting... See the Storm Raven pictures for more wacky lighting).

The Storm Raven...

Like the Drop Pod it is not done to the level that I feel entirely comfortable with. I need to highlight the grey highlights at least one more level up.

I also need to add more red crosses and do more fine detailing.

After finishing this model it needs a matte spray to even the black. It does look fairly average right now... Sorry about that.

Til next time gang... Keep messing around with armies that people say will not work! :)

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