Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle

 Due to life being absolutely diabolical I had taken a hobby break for a while.  This included playing games, as well as the usually painting/modeling shenanigans that I get up to.  As many have seen in the recent week or so I have made a concerted effort to bring the hobby back so to speak.

I had a few mates around the other night and we threw together a few games of Warhammer fantasy.  My buddy Dave brought along his work in progress ogres and a few cold frothies.  I pulled out my poor neglected skaven and banged out a 2400 point list.  Now I will spare you the play by play.  I started strong and conceded in the bottom of turn four when the entire centre of my army disappeared. I would love to claim that it was because I had not played WFB since… April?  And to some degree that is true BUT Dave played the game well and I would not want to take that away from his game.  Mark took Dave on in round two and their’s was a tremendous slap fest.  It was really enjoyable to watch. 

Monty's Dragon
Which brings me to my point.  I had let life get the better of me for way too long.  At some point, when life gives you lemons, skip the going postal business and they don’t drink proper lemonade here in Oz soooo…  Remember the best part of the hobby.  Sit across the table from a mate and push some toy soldiers around.  Sure I got killed and sure I am not sure that skaven is the right army for me BUT  playing just one game had me thinking of all the silliness that I could get up to next (hobby wise).  Necron walkers or flying saucers… Or maybe finish the new bitz to my even more neglected Tomb Kings.  Really inspiring.

While it didn't get to shoot in our game this thing scared the Bejesus out of me!
Even more than that though…  IT WAS FUN!  There were laughs, tears, naughty words and fun moments in abundance. It was exactly what I needed.  More than going out to bar or hitting a movie or reading a book.  Sure I like those other things but ours is a hobby where friends get together and roll dice, talk smack and have fun.  I am sure I am not revealing anything new or exciting to most of you BUT if you have forgotten the simple pleasures of a fun game…  I highly recommend you find an opponent and take your boys to the pitch.

Till next time… (Oooooo. What do to next???)

Dave's WIP Fire Belly


  1. Thanks for the great read and welcome back :). I have a poster on my wall at work which says "If life gives you lemons, keep them. Cause, hey, free lemons!"

  2. Good to hear you're getting your mojo back! We should totally get a game on soon.