Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scythe Part 2 PLUS Necron Tomb Crawler

 My project to build a Necron Night/Doom Scythe continues...

Well, I got to cutting last night and was able to assemble the frame for one of the Night Scythe's wings.

I got to this point by cutting circles of plasticard that were 1 cm smaller in diameter than the wing section below it.  I then cut circles out of one side of the larger circle.  As the larger circles got smaller the holes cut into them got larger.  Thus the tapered look for the wing.

Here it is from another angle.  I know the tip looks messy and the curves are not exactly smooth BUT once I gap fill with green stuff and sand it smooth...  It should work the trick. (Knock on wood).

Here is the underside of the wing.  I was originally building the two wings so that when reproduced I could sandwich the two halves together to make a complete wing for each side.  There would be then 4 wing sections used to make two full wings. (which is why the bottom is flat for the wing join).

I am beginning to doubt this plan however because the wings are starting to look rather thick as it is. 

Will have to see once I have a working wing master.

In other news I found this little gem on the internet.  Looks great!
It is called a Trinity Tomb Crawler:
It is obviously the new Necron walker.  I like how they have left the driver off of the model so that it does not interfere with GW's IP.  Add a Necron warrior torso, head and upper arms and this would work well I think. 

It is advertised as: Large miniature: approximate height of assembled Crawler is ~90mm.

It retails for 33 Euros...  Never heard of the company though... bitspudlo.com

Will have to see if this pops up in GW's next wave of Necrons...  If not I think I will give one of these bad boys a go...

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