Thursday, November 10, 2011

Return of my old Blue Necrons

So about a thousand years ago it seems I worked for GW corporate in the states.  One of the two times I worked in Baltimore happened to be a few months before the last necrons were released upon the world.   Having friends in low places and a homicidal need to take on insane hobby projects I offered to paint an entire necron army in a week and be the Gumby at the Baltimore GT.  2001 maybe?  Anyway,  I was handed 50 warriors on the sprue, a lord, and one destroyer.  I converted a really bad monolith out of a drop pod and I used two of three pots of Polished Blue paint I owned to crank this puppy out (while working full time and having a house guest at the time… sleep is for the weak apparently).
 Sure they are not flash but hey I got the project done and used the new rules on unsuspecting middle of the pack players (random draw).  It was a blast.
 Eventually the necron stuff came out and painted an army to match.  It is really basic and is not anywhere up to my standard these days.  The whole army is metallic blue with shadow grey bases and black weapons.  Don’t even get me started on the crappy snot green base rings.  YIKES!

Anyway….  They look bad and their rules were horrible soooo they were destined to never see the light of day again.  (Or at least until new rules came out.)  Fast forward to last weekend.  New rules.  The old blue boys came back from the grave and I gave them a hard look.  

They are neat.  They just need help. 

Money is tight at the moment sooooo fixing them sounds like the challenge my hobby needs.

The first step (besides getting rid of those hideous green rods) was to source a pot of Polished Blue.  Now I am not sure but I think GW hasn’t made that colour in almost 15 years.  Let’s just say I am determined.  I found a pot here in Melbourne for a reasonable price and now I am truly back in business.

The pictures look awful I know.  New setup.  I will hopefully have everything looking better soon.

Soooo as you can see below I have stripped the rods off the warriors (you can see all 54 stripped in the first picture).  I drilled a hole in the gun barrels and ran a paper clip down the inside of the guns.  I am going for a thin laser beam effect here.  I will be highlighting these to no end later.  
More soon.


  1. If you can find a source for Coate d'Arms paints they still make that paint color.

  2. Are you still looking for some of the Polished Blue?

    I still have one that is barely used and I'm in Sydney so let me know if you need it.