Saturday, November 12, 2011


Necron shenanigans continue with a serious look at one of the worst models in my collection.  It is an old monolith that was used in a small Battle Tour to US retailers just prior to the model's release way back when.  It was painted and assembled by a co-worker at GW back in the day and was used to back up my necrons on that same battle tour.  It was assembled in a hurry and painted in a few hours (if that). 
Side 1

Corners were needlessly cut and the model looked really crappy.  There were over primed parts that had paint drips.  The dry brushing was awful.  Detail painting…  none done.
The flip side... or the dark side of the monolith...

The top was broken off at some point on the battle tour (never to be seen again).
The corners of the model weren’t assembled properly so there were lots of gaps that were green stuffed badly as a quick fix.  All bad.
Here you can see the paint cracking and a few paint drips sanded back to bare plastic.

I spent literally a few hours the other night working off frustrations with several pieces of sand paper and this old beast.  I have to say that I have never used sandpaper on a model before and besides making a heck of a mess it worked really well. Might have to try that again some time. 

The monolith still looks... not so good, but it looks much better and given a little more fine sanding and some paint I reckon it will start to look the part again.

In other news… It appears that Victoria Miniatures has severely ramped up their game in a very short period of time and all of the pictures plus MUCH more are hitting our e-shelves in the next two weeks.  Got these pictures off the ol Facebook.

The first shot shows us the arms to go with my favourite “laser rifles.”  If I get enough of these I won’t have to convert the arms of my Forgeworld Tallarns.  This gets better all the time!  (You can also see their new squid face models.  Cool but not what I am wicked excited about.)

The next shot shows us one of the new Pith Helmet Heads, mounted on a Victorian Torso with the new Rough Rider legs and arms.  I am VERY impressed!  Very impressed!  These models and more will be out next week (or the week after).

Next week releases:
Pith Helmet Heads
Balmoral Cap Heads
Brodie Helmet Heads
Squid Heads
Victorian Torsos
Rough Rider Legs
Rough Rider Arms

The week after that:
Victorian Legs
Laser Rifle Arms
Laser Rifle Sprue

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  1. OOo...those guard bits!!

    I love Victoria Lamb's stuff, but I hadn't heard a thing about this.