Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scythe Part 3 & Arcanicon's Limited Ed Figure

Soooo...  I got to green stuffing the wing last night.  I also filled gaps and made the ridge on the top of the wing.

I know it looks messy BUT I will sand it back so it is smooth and wing-y... From another angle:

With some luck I will get the other wing built on Thursday night. 

Now, in other news. Arcanicon XXX is on this year to commemorate the event players have the option of buying "Barry."  His stylized after the Arc logo of the last few years.  Hand sculpted by Craig Cussians he looks pretty damn good.

He is dressed as a robot grim reaper...  sooo a Necron lord.

Here is Barry next to a current Necron Overlord:

He is alittle short but otherwise well worth the $16 being asked for him...  I know I will be getting one (or more as supplies last)!



  1. Cussians. Is that the Canadian spelling?

  2.'s just I normaly spell my name "Clark"


    Good start on the scythe. Can't help thinking that apoxie sculpt or milliput would have been a better choice than Greenstuff.