Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puppets of War: Wraiths And New Terminators from Forgeworld

Sooo I have been running a wraithwing for years using the old book and the old models but with a new book and now models I have been waiting to rebuilt the old wing.

Until now:  Puppets of War has just put out these beauties... I love these models!  I just ordered 12 of these puppies...  I cannot wait for them to arrive...

Looks like they come with alternate weapon arms as well... (Look at the whip arm below) 
I will need to convert up larger Tomb Spyders to match these guys but that is easy to do.  

2 units of 6 wraiths, 3 spiders and a pile of scarabs sounds like a cool base of a new army.

Speaking of new flash resin models… These models popped up from Forgeworld yesterday…  As I am painting a Deathwing army at the moment I am very familiar with the classic terminator models (and the most recent models) and…  I have to say I am not sure about these guys…  They look flash but to me they do not look like terminators to me.  

And here they are next to the regular plastic terms.


Monday, March 26, 2012

VICC's Come Around Again

Well another year gone and the VICC’s have come and gone again,

The VICC’s (The Victorian Inter Club Challenge) is one of my favorite events of the year.  It brings all of the Victorian clubs together to sort out the best of the best in Warmachine, Warhammer and 40K.  As you have a team of 5 players (only 4 play at a time) it really involves a layer of meta-game that really makes you think outside of the box.  The first three games are standard one on one events and day two consists of larger, partner games.

Because you are expected to play in individual games and in team events with the same lists, army list creation and interaction involves a different way of thinking (or could I suppose).  I was voted team captain of the Hampton club 40K team again this year and with work being crazy and with my almost complete lack of recent 40K experience (too much fantasy I suppose) I have to admit very little though went into my/ our lists and really preparation was a bit of a dog’s breakfast. 

The Hampton Club is know for its strong Fantasy and Warmachine presence as much as it is know for an almost nonexistent 40K culture.  As such I once again pulled Nick Cook and Noakes out to play.  After last years struggles and fun both of these fine gents actually practiced 40K and both came prepared in different ways.  Nick played in a non-VICC event and actually podiumed using my Wyche Cult.  Noakes on the other hand built, playtested and painted his own grey knight army.   Both would say they are still learning but they were far more prepared than last year.  Our thug from last year’s team (Brody) was unavailable.  We replaced him with former Golden D6 and all around ace dude Adam “Ratboy” Jones (who has been a frequenter of Hampton on and off for a year or so) and Aaron who had my Alienids so long that I forgot what they looked like (he was very prepared and knew his/my army VERY well!).  Which just left me.  I had played one day of a 40K event since last July.  I had not really played against Grey Knights and Necrons in the current scene and man have things changed!  Lists have taken a much harder edge since I played 40K last.

Anyway,  once again Hampton with it’s strength in the other systems depended on our motley crew to pull a solid showing to ensure Hampton’s place as Victoria’s best wargaming club.  The weekend itself was a blur of dice, laughs, and shenanigans.  We won our first two rounds (individual games factored into an overall win/loss/draw for your club for each round) and lost badly in round three.  Day two saw draws in both games… 

To make a long story short we won best sports in 40K which I am massively proud of (and slightly embarrassed by as personally I was a jackass in my 2nd game against a friendly club).  We also came 5th out of 12 teams.  Not bad considering the level of competition that came out to play this year.  I am immensely proud of my boys!  Our efforts also proved to be enough to drag Hampton across the line for a 2nd year in a row as the Best Victorian Club.  I am pleased as punch at all the team work and support that went on over the weekend (across all the game systems) and really makes me proud to be part of such a tight nit group of friends and hobbyists.   

This has also relit my passion for painting and playing 40K.  I have holidays coming up in a week.  I might do something crazy and try and finish a few half finished projects that I have had in the wings for far too long.  I might then try and get a large Hampton contingent to play 40K at Terracon with me in June.

The Overall Trophy with our team medallions.
Every member of the winning team got a medal this year.  Very cool!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mangler Squig Continued plus a Troll Idea

Sooo... I am still alive...  My new job has been eating up my time in a big way but it is a job time so I am thankful.  I am hoping that I am going to be finding the time to get my hobby on.  I think I have found a way.

I have to say that I really appreciate you guys, my readers.  I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last post until I started getting emails and FB messages asking if I was alright.  I know life has been bad but of late it has taken a serious upwards turn.  I really do appreciate everyone's concern.  Thank you...

Now to the toy soldiers...
I have finally got the basic mangler squibs built.  I am waiting for them to dry so I can fur them up this weekend.
 As you can see I went with the one eye rather than two (or three).  I used the legs off of a chaos spawn kit and mounted them on large round bases.  Again I know they look ghetto...  but with the fur... I think they will look the business...
From the side...   I have to say that I love the lips and teeth on these guys.

Now working on these got me thinking...  I have been wanting to do a Throgg Troll list for ages...  sooo What if I made mini versions and ran them as trolls?
 Well here they are...
 I am using ork parts again.  This time ork arms as armatures for the legs.  Once they have been puttied over I think they will be perfect.  For now...  Not so much.
These guys need lips and eyes...  Still trying to figure out the eyes.  Not sure how many.  Thinking one large eye in the forehead.

Anyway...  More soon including an update on the scythe fighter for my buddy Nick who keeps asking.