Thursday, November 28, 2013

Painting Snow On Bases And How to Whip Up Some Quick Objectives

Old Man Morin here: With the Bolt Action Grand Tournament quickly approaching (this weekend) and after getting buried with work I, Old Man Morin had to shelve my Germans... AGAIN! Though I got really close to getting them done, there was just no way.... Luckily, about the time I came to this crushing realisation, Warlord Tobu informed me that he finished the Artizan greatcoat Americans he had been painting for me.  Now I asked Tobie to leave the bases because I wanted to do a Battle of the Bulge, mud and snow thing with the bases.  He put a basic texture on them for me and left them dark brown.  PERFECT!  I started by dry brushing the brown a lighter brown to give the brown some depth.  I did not go too light because I wanted there to be a nice contrast with the white of the snow later.  Below you can see the dark brown in the from and the dry brushed lighter browns in the back.

From there I painted white splotches onto the bases.  This is a necessary step to ensure a nice white snow later.

Next I pulled out my magic jar of snow pumice.  I love this stuff.  I have used it for a bunch of armies and I am not even close to having used half the of container.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

I then yanked out an old brush and rather lumpily applied the pumice.  It dries well and in a nice textured fashion.  Having spent enough of my life living in freezing cold places, I don't like flat boring snow. To make lumpy but fresh powdery snow, use the same steps but PVA glue Citadel or GF9 snow flock on top of the pumice and Shazam!  You are in business.  I have done this for a number of my armies but I didn't think it worked for this project.  In related news....  for the GT I needed three objectives.  Now I am short on time but I could steal about ten/twenty minutes a day.  Tobie had painted me a few extra character models soooo I though I would use these.  Their bases are too small for my purpose so I built them out using a temporary ring (I don;t want to use them as objectives forever. I started by making a ring of green stuff on a 40mm base.  I then smoothed down the edges and used the base of an old space marine to ensure that the sides matched the hight and diameter of one of my bases.  You can see a model standing in the ring below:

I then just followed the steps for snow basing that I listed above.  And there you have it.  Quick and easy.  And thanks to Tobie... I have objectives that are very good to look at.