Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dark Debts... My Jacob Lynch Crew For Malifaux

I guess when I said that I had been playing a LOT of Bolt Action over the last couple of years, I was neglecting to mention another game that I have been spending a fair amount of time on. Malifaux.

Though I am not normally one to play skirmish style games, the rich background, tongue and cheek humour and insanity of the Malifaux world really resonated with me as a hobbyist. Besides, it was fantastic to paint something that wasn't khaki or drab greens (too much WW2 hobby makes Brad a boring boy).

As a former bald, bouncer on Bourbon St (a million years ago it seems) the character of Mr. Graves calls to me on a very basic level. He is the guy lurking on the right in the picture above. He is linked thematically with the crooked casino owner Jacob Lynch which made his crew my first port of call.

You might be wondering about the bright translucent purple parts of models. Wyrd Miniatures makes alternative versions of their models that sometimes include translucent plastics. I really wanted to paint up one of these crews and so I hunted down the "Nightmare" version of the Dark Debts box.

After assembling these models I carefully masked off the parts I wanted to stay purple using Blu-Tac before priming the models normally using black GW primer. In the case of the Hungering Darkness (the giant teeth monster above), I used a brush-on primer before painting his few bits and pieces.

I used drab greys, blacks and browns to paint these models as I wanted the purples to "pop" and I am really pleased with the end results!

In order for me to hit the 50 Soul Stone limit to play most tournament games I need to paint a few more models. I have two primed Wastrels, two base coated Stitched Together and a 70% finished Beckoner in the wings to get this crew across the line. I want to try and get these done in the next few weeks around my World Eater project. I just need school holidays to hit so I have time. I cannot wait!