Friday, December 30, 2011

A Better look at my WIP Great Unclean One

Here are some much better WIP shots of my Great Unclean One.  As you can see I replaced his head with a giant eyeball made out of green stuff. 

 I also dremelled out his gut (took forever) and created a giant maw there.  This is a nod to the really old GUO model that GW made in the early 90's that had a massive mouth in its stomach.  

My version of this also has a different left hand as my model was missing his.  I replaced his hand with a plastic one from the most recent plastic troll kit.
I still need to resculpt his left toes (which I cut off) so that it looks like he his stepping down the stairs.

 I think I need to do something else with the base but besides adding nurglings...  
I am not sure what that is.

Anywhooo...  Back to work...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deathguard "Washed" and Ready!

Well...  I am back.  Been feverishly base coating the rest of the infantry for my new Deathguard army.  I skipped updating the blog as they looked terrible until they got to this point.  Every model in four squads are base coated and washed with Devlin Mud.

Time to get highlighting!

Squad 1 has a power fist and two plasma guns.
 Squad 2 has a power fist and two melta guns.
 Squad 3 has a power sword and two meltaguns.
 Squad 4 has a power fist and two meltaguns. (You can see the test model is part of squad 4)
Got to work on the Great Unclean One today as well.  The Ol' Cyclops will make an appearance soon.
Back in 24 hours...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plague Marine Test Model

Soooo I have not been posting much of anything recently as I lost my job and have recently separated from my wife (The hits keep coming!) BUT I just found a teaching position for the new year and I thought I would get back into the swing of things.  I thought as I was back to actually painting things that I would post what I have been up to and see what you guys think...

I have been playing with colour schemes for plague marines for a little while and this is the rough colour scheme that I have decided on... (only the leg is important as I tried three colour schemes on one model.

The idea is to start with gretchin green, wash with devlin mud, go back to gretchin and highlight up another three to four levels.

I was inspired by my mate Adam's streak painting of his plague marines but wanted to go with my own flavour so to speak. Here it is from several angles.

What do you guys think?  Opinions?  I don't like the knee pads and I think the gloves need another layer of highlight.

And obviously the base needs doing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Badfang's Award Winning Custom Pirate Orks

My tattoo artist and good mate Leigh (AKA Badfang) won Player's Choice at the largest tournament in the Southern Hemisphere a few years back with his Pirate's of The Caribbean Ork Pirate army.  I was finally able to get his army, my camera and a well lit room in the same place long enough to get some good pictures.  Without further ado...  Here is his army.

The Kaptain
Mission Specific models... The Key holding dog, the parrot, and the monkey (squigs).

Members of his Nob Mob (the Fishhooks are Power Klaws)

More Nobz

Wouldn't be a Pirate Army without this lad!

Wooden Mega Nobz...  (The one in the middle has fallen through the planks)

Shock Harpoon Gun

Close up of a Hook Nob


Shoota Boys and Battle Wagon

Shoota Boys in Trukk

More Shoota Boys in another Trukk

More Shoota boys in another Battle Wagon

Deff Kopter


Close up of a Trukk

Close up of a Battlewagon

Trukk Close Up

Dice Box

How Leigh keeps track of the wounds to his Nobz.

The Man himself (with Adam in the Background)

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Scythe Starts to Take Shape

Sooo...  I built the engine for the scythe and green stuffed up the other wing and canopy. 
First the engine (starting with the WIP):
Now assembled:
I realise that there will have to be some gap filling and sanding to make the corners flush but I am preety pleased with how it looks so far. The rectangular vents on the back are a nod to similar structures through out the necron army (destroyer engines, monilith sides, etc)...From another angle:
Now the wings (pre-sanding) match when green stuffed.  I will have to do a fair bit of sanding to make them a) aero dynamic looking b) match after that much abuse...  Here they are as of now:
Now the canopy looks like rubbish at this stage but I am hoping with some solid sanding time...  It will "pop."
Back to the job search and the sanding block it appears...

Til nex time...


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Tattoos and The Beginnings of a Canopy

Sooo last Sunday evening my buddy Leigh (Badfang for those in the 40K world) started the process of updating my old ink.  It has been over a decade since my last "tat" and it was as fun a process as I remembered.  I got a giant star accross my right shoulder that generally looks like this:
Mine is uncoloured so far but that will be changing shortly.  Pictures will be provided.

Anyway...  back to the Night/Doom Scythe.  I finished cutting and gluing the other wing pieces together last night and as I finished early enough to do something else I started monkeying around with the left over pieces of plasticard left over from the wing sections.  Pleasingly they all sort of came together.

First the wing:
As you can see it looks alot like its twin before it was green stuffed (though it does taper a bit more towards the tip).  Once it is "greened" up they should match nicely.

Now for the canopy/ hull of the plane.  I am doing it in sections to allow for easier casting later.
I have blue tacked a necron torso in place so you get an idea of where the pilot will sit and to give you an idea of scale.  Yes it is ugly as sin but it is only the skeleton that I will green stuff over to make a rounded hull. I really like that the canopy overlaps the wings when it fits together.

Here is a photo with the wings in their proper place:
I know it is not done and that the hull needs a full extra section added to the rear (I am thinking engines) but I am really excited about how the scythe is coming and I am keen to apply some green stuff tonight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Scythe Wing Construction Contines

Sooo  I got some time last night between being ill and preparing for job interviews to do some work on the Night/ Doom Scythe project...

First I started to sand down the wing.  I am by no means done but it is looking much better than before.  I will get back to sanding it smooth as soon as I get its twin done (I want to make sure they match).

 A word to the wise if you are planning to undertake a sanding project of this magnitude.  Make sure you do it outside in a well ventilated area. I made a right and proper mess in my back yard.
I also got to cutting the pieces of 2nd wing...  This is what I have so far...  You can see the progress and the templates that I have used to construct them.
Had a really good talk with my buddy Tim last night and he has given me some really good ideas about how to texture the wing so it has the necron glyph markings on it (Thanks Tim!!!).  Will share them next time...


Monday, December 5, 2011

A Warlord Games Celt WOC Army

Many of you will remember the sculpting work my buddy Drew does when creating his sensational Warhammer armies (his Pirate Ogres can be seen elsewhere on this blog for example).  Well, Drew decided a while back that he wanted to do something a little different and really wanted to take a marauder themed WOC army.  He decided to go with Warlord Games Celts as the basis for his models.  You might notice that most of the models in the army are wearing kilts.  Drew sculpted ten sets of kilted legs and recast them before matching them to the Warlord Games models.  I am really impressed with the results.  My pictures are fairly average as I am still getting the hang of my new environment, BUT here are Drew's Celts... 

We will start with his horde of 50 Marauders.  Drew tells me there is another group of 50 in the making. Oh before I forget to mention it:  All the Kilts and banner are his family tartan.
Here are the command group ( I love the custom bag pipes)...
the left side of the unit...
and the right side of the unit...

Two units of marauder horsemen:

Two Warshrines:

A few units of chaos hounds:

And a crud load of chariots.  You might notice the BSB chariot further down the page.

One chariot is in front of the other for...  decencies sake...  this is a family blog after all!  :)

 Again I apologise for the quality of the photographs.  I love this army and wanted to share it with the rest of you.

Til next time with more on the Night/ Doom Scythe Project...