Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Death Guard Assembly Done

After a week of intense work my Death Guard army is fully assembled.

Today I cleaned and based 10 Plague Bearers.

Finished my Great Unclean One. You can see that I went for one big eye to offset the massive mouth in his belly. I also used the fist off of a GW troll model (the new ones) to replace my missing one. Thanks to Nathan at GW Melbourne for the "hand."

Here is Rhino number one. I like the idea of plague stacks on the tops of my vehicles spewing toxic/ infectious fumes where ever the plaguies go. I numbered them in threes like the skulls in nurgle's symbol. I added green stuff to the insides of the vehicles and forgeworld armour where I could.

Here are shots from both sides:

Rhino number #2's shots didn't really focus so I left them off besides it is the most stock standard of the bunch.

Rhino number 3 and the Vindicator can be seen here:

Rhino 4 has a havoc launcher and you can see both sides here:

The infantry are primed. I plan to prime the rest tomorrow weather willing. LET THE PAINTING BEGIN!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The First of the Marines Have Arrived

I have sent out something like 27 marines to the best hobbyists I know. They are painting them and and sending them back for a gallery of Space Marine Chapter Colour Schemes. I got the first of the marines back!

A Blood Raven: Fairly stock standard marine wise but very richly painted. My wife has our camera overseas so I am forced to use my crappy camera. I will have all the marines professionally photographed for the Showcase when we get them back. Anyway, my camera does not do justice to the reds on this models. Dark red and yet not a dull red. Amazing stuff.

You might notice that the base is not painted, This is intentional. All the marines will be mounted on one display board with labels naming the chapter and the painter.

Next up is a Black Templar. Once again my phone fails with the colour and detail but you get the idea. There is a scroll on one shoulder pad that very beautifully says "Honor." The red cross is perfectly free hand painted.

Last but not least is our first assault marine. A pre heresy World Eater. The shield on the marines arm has a green stuffed planet in the maw of the teeth. The blood spatter really compliments the white of the marine. Once again. Better photos are coming.

The current list of marines looks like this:
So far we have: (This list will change as more painters decide which to do.)
The Lamenters
The Crimson Fists
The Raptors (Camo Green Paint Scheme)
The Black Templars
The Silver Skulls
The Praetors of Orpheus
The Flesh Tearers
Dark Angels
The Sons of Orar
Pre- Heresy Thousand Sons
Blood Angels
Imperial Fists
Blood Ravens
Pre-Heresy World Eater
Mantis Warriors
Sons of Orar

Assembly Continues

So I finalized a list. 4 Plague Squads in rhinos. Vindicator. 4 Terminators. Daemon Prince. Greater Daemon. 10 Lesser Daemons.

So the 28 plague marines are fully assembled and black primed. Rhinos half built.

Terminators built. I used blood angel melta pistols to combine with combi-bolters to make combi-meltas. After re-reading the Flight of the Eisenstein (especially the description of Death-shroud) I decided make the terminator power weapons mini scythes.

I am a huge fan of the Frighteners. I really like the idea of the grim reaper. I used the nightbringer model as a base. I dremelled out his hood (took off his face) and extended his hood down to cover the hole better. I used the head of a scythe from a nurgle champion to replace the nightbringer's scythe. He has the wings off aa winged nightmare and I added strips of cloth over his chest and back to cover him up a little better.

The Great Unclean One. Added a ball for a head (it will be a huge eyeball) and lips over the teeth.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Death Guard VS Tzeentch Daemons Battle Report

So my mate Adam came over today to catch up and play some games.

Adam was using his Death guard in the first game. He had a Warptime Prince with mark of nurgle, four squads of 7 plague marines in rhinos, two dreads with heavy weapons (one had a autocannon; the other had lascannons and a missile launcher), three oblits split over two squads,


I was running my Tzeentch daemons. 5 squads of horrors. Lord of Change. 2 Daemon Princes with Mark of Tzeentch, 5 screamers and two units of three flamers.

For more info and pictures:

We were playing an objective grab with one objective each. I made Adam go first. His deployment looked like this.

In his first turn two rhinos and the DP powered forward and everything else shuffled around to get in good positions.

With nothing to shoot at it moved to my first turn. I put three horror squads, the Lord of Change, the screamers and the Daemon Prince with Bolt of Tzeentch (the blue pac man head) in my preferred wave. I put all of my breath of chaos models in wave two since all of Adam's infantry was mounted up. With the roll of a five I got my preferred wave. Things generally came down where I wanted except for the Yellow Eye Horrors (I tell my units apart my colour) which scattered 11 inches into the middle of nowhere.

I opened up a massive pile of shooting at his Prince (I hate Warptime princes). I knocked two wounds off the big boy and failed to penetrate any vehicles.

Adam two: Adam rolled and got his larger unit of obliterators. They jumped down next two one of my horror units (uh-oh). His rhinos continued their treck to my objectives and his DP jumped over next to mine.

In the shooting phase his oblits flame my horrors killing six (twin linked flamers VS toughness three is harsh). I made some important invulnerable saves on my screamers and failed a few saves on my yellow eyes as Adam's army opened up.

Assault: Adam's DP charges my DP. He does 5 wounds and despite my 4+ inv save. I fail all of my die roles. OUCH. I miss will all of my attacks back... Double OUCH! Adam's DP backs up into the cover of a building.

My Turn 2: I fail all my reserve rolls but one. One squad of Horrors. No good.
I shuffle around a bit. The LOC and the Screamers move towards my objective.

The Golden Eyes immobilize the autocannon dread with bolt of change and purple horrors open up on the DP with no results. The Brown eyes fire into the oblits doing a wound despite wounding with 10 shots.
The Lord of Change and screamers (the tongues) chage the rhinos and miss with everything.

Not looking good.

Adam Turn 3:
Adam's other oblit drops in. Adam is now all in and his oblit in is perfect position to flame my newly arrived horrors.
In good news, the autocannon dread fire frenzied into the closest rhino (Adam's rhino that is) and silenced his havoc launcher for a turn. The lone oblit flames my horrors and despite wounding 8 does now wounds. Whew.
The other dread kills a yellow eye and the obliterator squad kill one green eye.
The Daemon Prince charges my purple eyes. He does no wounds and is locked into combat. I love 4+ Inv saves.

Brad turn 3: I get really lucky on my reserves and get Pinky (the other DP with Breath of Chaos and Strength), 1 unit of flamers and my last unit of horrors (the red eyes... guess they took the red eye... sigh). Pinky the and flamers drop next to the plague marines standing next Adam's objective. I moved the screamers over to get ready for the charge.

Between the breath of the flamers and pinky the plague marines are wiped out.
The brown eyes wipe out the single oblit.
The screamers eat the far rhino killing one of themselves in the process.
The LOC rips the weapons off of and immobilizes the rhino he is attacking.

Adam's DP kills one horror in Hand to Hand combat.

Adam Turn 4: The lascannon dread looses its cool and fleets over to my flames (RATS!)... The Rhino (the one my LOC is beating up) squad runs out of their tank and into the objective building. They then turn on the screamers and kill two. The other recently de-vehicled plague marines open up on the Lord of Change causing two wounds... Lots of plasma. Ouch.
I used the changeling to fire Adam's remaining oblits into his own rhino blowing it up.

In close combat Adam's daemon prince kill three horrors but the horrors get lucky and strip another wound off the big green monster. Adam's oblits charge my DP (which in retrospect was illegal since they shot elsewhere) and my DP slaps one, only to get slapped for a wound back drawing combat. Adam's lascannon dread kills two flamers. (1 in combat 1 due to combat res).

Brad Turn 4: I get my last unit of flamers. They drop down next to Adam's plague marines sitting on my objective.
The LOC jump next to the building and everything lines up to shoot.
After the dust clears one plague marine remains. He is charged by my lord of change. The green eyes charge and just make the other plague marines by my objective and pull them well away from the action. They are killed but their enemies only consolidate 2 inches. The Lord of Change wipes out the plague marine on my objective.
Pinky (my DP) smashes the last oblit. The shooty dread kills the last flamer.
The screamers kill the rhino and themselves in the process (and a plague marine). Boom...


Adam Turn 5: Last plague marine squad in a rhino rolls up to Adam's objective and is set up in such a way that I can not actually get Pinky to them. Grrrr. They dismount and fire. Wiping out the yellow eyes which were making a dash for it across cover. The shooty dread shoots another wound off of pinky.
The plague marines near my objective open up and shoot through my horrors to wipe out my flamers.

Brad Turn 5: Pinky walks in front of the rhino and breathes killing three plague marines and not doing anything to the rhino.
The LOC and horrors shoot away a few plague marines and charge leaving 1.
Pinky charges the Rhino and wipe off all the guns and immobilize it.

Adam Turn 6: Adam's plague marine survives my LOC and horrors for one more round but does nothing back. Pinky is shot off the table.

Brad Turn 6: LOC eats Plague marine.

Game ends.

I hold my objective. Adam holds his. Tied game. had it ended after 5... I would have had it... C'est la vie. it was a really good game.

We had a bite to eat and set up for a silly game. Adam used my wyche cult again a proxy Dante led scout and Sanguinary Guard army (with the Storm Raven). It was silly because a huge portion of my army had power weapons. Everything in Adam's army had a 4 plus inv save in HTH. Because we rolled a dawn of war objective grab with 4 objectives Adam charged me with 4 units in turn one. It was the bloodiest game I have played in ages. I had a Sanguinary priest with one guard hugging one objective and two scouts in the storm raven in another at the end of 7 turns for the win. It was dirty and lots of fun.

Memorable moments include the storm raven obliterating a ravager with 4 hell strike rockets in one turn.
Also a lucky power fist hit instant killing his lord when she failed her 2+ inv save.

Lots of fun... Adam thanks for the games matey!

Until next time...

What's Going on?

Well... Parent/teacher chats are done and as of 8 hours ago so is the term. School holidays here I come.

I decided that colour was not the best way to tell squads apart. Squad 1 has the typhus fly on its shoulder pad. I had to sculpt one on as one of my plague marines had two built on metal shoulder pads. With a little trial and error I think I got close enough (actually I think they look pretty good). I liked it so much that squad 2 has the same logo sculpted on their left leg plates. I took some pictures...

Squad 3 has a horn coming out of the shoulder pad and squad 4 has a skull repeated pattern. Once again I was limited by the shoulder pads of the models I am using. I ended up sculpting the skull pattern on three shoulder pads. I have monkeyed with the photo to try and get the best view of my work. I have taken a picture of what I consider to be the worst of the pads.
Here it is next to the metal pad it is emulating:

Transport wise the army has four rhinos. I have been on a kick to use old gear lately. I am building two new rhinos out of my closet stock using chaos forgeworld gear. I have several boxes of old GW tank bitz. I dug and dug and using a chessex dice box and the engine off the back of a land raider I built this: (The engine came from the left over bitz when I made my Storm Raven)

I like it. It has an old school feel while being much larger than the old clown car sized rhinos.

I also started the GUO. I cut a massive hole in its chest. I puttied teeth. Tomorrow I will get lips on it and maybe a tongue after that. It is my attempt at a nod to one of the really old Papa Nurgle models.

Ok.... lots done today... tired... 1AM... I am out.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Look at my Sick Boys

Had night one of parent teacher interviews last night. Soooo tired. Anyway I managed a few hours of assembly when I got home before bed. In that time I finished building the 4 squads of plague marines for this Death Guard army. Because I am using old metal models for a majority of this project the shoulder pads don;t match on the proper sides. The death guard emblem seems to be put on things willy nilly (left or right interchangeably)... I was hoping to use the shoulder pads to mark the squads apart. I guess that will not be happening as I hoped. One squad has the fly emblem (I have to putty a few onto the metal pads). One squad has horns sticking out of the pads. The other two I will differentiate with colours. In retrospect I like the chaotic look that just naturally occurred. While the marines are mostly metal (with some head and arm swaps), the shoulder pads are mostly resin. I have a pile of the forgeworld kits but I really wanted to go bald headed metal (without the helmet spike... Looks more skull like).

Here are some progress shots.

A close up of the squad leaders:

Some special weapon troopers

A few random trooper models:

I am going with some Bac-2-basix resin bases for this project that really give otherwise static looking plague marines a sense of movement.
Coming soon: Terminators, a Grim Reaper DP and a GUO... (not sure how to make the GUO look not stock standard...)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back with a New Batch

Well, as I said, I played in a tournament on the weekend using the puppies. On one hand it was fun and I got them to a decent standard (kinda) BUT, on the other hand, I am bored to tears with them already. On the car ride home from the tourney I had the unnatural urge to paint a plague marine. Dunno why I just did. Sooo I dug into the old closet and pulled out a massive box nurgley goodness.

Got busy assembling models last night and shoulder pads and bolters aside I have 28 plague marines ready for priming. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go dirty green or dirty bone. So I painted a test model. You may notice it is a regular marine. I do have proper plague marines but this was a black primed model that needed so test paint loving.

I painted one leg green and one bone. I think I like the bone better. Not sure. The highlighting is not all that clean as I was going for messy but I am generally pleased for a test figure.

What do you guys think? I know the pictures are kinda blurry. That aside, What do you think of the colours?

I will leave you with picts of one last army from the weekend. Emperor's kids...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Revolution Army Shots

So as mentioned I played in a 1000 point tourney on the weekend. For being such a small point value and generally small in terms of numbers (30 players) I was really impressed with the quality of army that was present. The GROTS club did a really good job running the tourney and I really look forward to the next event that they run. My wife has our camera in the states at the moment so I hope you'll excuse the camera phone shots...

First of all, Mouse Muffins Blood Angels... Wow is all I can say. They look amazing in person.

Next Mike Yogee's Night Lords: (The free hand on these models is amazing. The close up shots I took did not come out. I will try and get better picts the next tourney I catch him at.

Mike ended up taking overall and best painted. I've included a few action shots of his army right before he walked through my wolves. You'd think that 40 Blood claw attacks with preferred enemy, 30 Grey hunter attacks and a wolf Priest could take a wound or two off his daemon prince to win me the game. Nope... Sigh...

Ben's Guard: (you can see action shots of these guys in my Tzeentch Daemon army showcase)

Rojo's Raiders had these awesome teeth in the paint scheme: (Thanks again for the ride matey!)

And last but not least Fugoff's Custodes... Yes Dave they were made to look like yours.