Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to The Guard (and some new daemon news)

Spent 4 hours last night touching up chips adding unit roman numerals to my Aircav Guard. It was really nice to take a break from painting valkyries! (I will be back to the flyers tonight though!)

Anyway... Here are some shots...

The first shot shows my Command Squad sandwiched between two squads of vets...

The second shot: three vet squads

Here is where I tried to take a picture of the roman numerals I painted. I really like the way most of the numbers came out but none of the phots worked out. The camera does focus nicely on the troops in the background though so please excuse my hand!

As you can see I really like the SWAT/ Special forces look for my guardsmen. I have another 60 or so painted to this standard and I am really looking forward to a daemonhunters/ inquisitor release to muck around with these boys in a new list. Wonder what a storm raven would look like in the green/red camo scheme? Hmmmmm...

Anyway.... DAEMONS NEWS!!!

The shop I was painting at had some of the new daemon models. I really like the new plastic juggernaut sprue that has five jugger heads, 6 bloodletter heads and arms for rank and file crushers as well as command crushers all in the box for three bodies.

Even better is the new plastic daemon prince. While I hate all three heads the model comes with the rest of the gear is sweet. You can easy go fantasy or 40K with this bad boy and he has three sword arms and multiple empty arms. I have a few of the meatl ones floating around in bitz and I will buy the plastic one just to get bitz for those boys. I will have to sculpt helmets though...

Anyway... off to the football...

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  1. The guard look great!

    For the DP, if his head is the same size as the metal one the Defiler masks should fit pretty easily, and the Ogre heads are roughly the same size too. I've seen some good DP conversions using the Irongut head with the chainmail veil.