Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Aircav List and Fluff

Killcount is around the corner (two weeks away) and last weekend I turned in my army list. Theme is important at this tourney and so I tried to take as obvious a theme as possible. Air Cavalry Guard. That is everything is mounted in something that flys. (i.e. Valkyries and Vendettas) Now I did get into a roll watching the old Rambo movies as I was making my list so I included Trooper Marbo for giggles. Now he strictly doesn't fit the theme but as he is the infiltrating ninja I figure he is calling in the rest of the guys with sneaky intel. Anyway... Here is my "story", my regiment fluff and my 1750 list:

*** Incoming Transmission ***
REF: KTV213/ 475-673 Gamma
Eplisol - 2 Security/ Priority Level
Sender: Captain Barzol, 213th
Morinian Battlegroup, 3rd Company

*** Message Begins: Crashed Argos
Shuttle located and secured -stop-
Astropath Grashow found and
recovered -stop- Landing zone Alpha
and Theta held by hostiles -stop-
Request immediate air evac -stop-
Will proceed to land zone Zeta for
immanent rendezvous - stop- Threat
Level Very High - Stop- Please come
soon… We can hear them coming***
*** Message Termnates***

*** End Message ***
Recomended course of action:
Deploy Valkyries for extraction
Contact Trooper Raddick

The Morinian Air Cavalry has a long and distinguished history defending the Imperium against the worst of the Emperor’s foes. As part of the Morinian Shock Regiment, which is divided into battle groups consisting of nothing but imperial guard special forces units. Seasoned Veterans form the elite core of this guard regiment. Their training makes them more suitable for use in assaults, as fire support troops or as an infiltrating force to carry out special objectives.
These Veteran units are recruited from line regiments, where they have seen action and have proven that their abilities and courage. They are given additional training where they are further indoctrinated and molded into more loyal and dedicated servants of the Emperor. These soldiers are taught superior battle tactics and the use of more advanced equipment than the average Guardsmen.They also have access to more special weapons such as melta guns, plasma guns, and flame throwers and often travel in chimera transports.
The Morinian Shock Regiment’s 2nd Battle Group is designed for close range assault of fixed emplacements and close city fighting where their small unit sizes and specialized weapons come to the fore. They also specialize in hunter killer, rescue and objective grabbing missions judged impossible for regular guardsmen. The 2nd Battle group is often combined with airborne elements from other Morinian Regiments adding long range fire power and manuverability to its already formidable abilities.

Colonel Theadus Barzol with 2nd battle group Command
Company Cmd (50) 3 Meltaguns (30) Krak Grenades (5)& 1 Reg Standard (15) Astropath Golkov (30) Power Sword (10)

2nd Battle Group: Squad Alpha "First in, Last out"
Veteran Squad (70) with 3 Plasma guns (45)

2nd Battle Group: Squad Delta "Delta Force"
Veteran Squad (70) with 3 Plasma guns (45)

2nd Battle Group: Squad Beta "Death From Above"
Veteran Squad (70) with 2 Flamers (10)

2nd Battle Group: Squad Gamma "Death Before Dishonour"
Veteran Squad (70) with 3 Meltaguns (30)

2nd Battle Group: Squad Epilison "Never Leave a man behind"
Veteran Squad (70) with 3 Plasma guns (45)

2nd Battle Group: Squad Tango "Fury of the Emperor"
Veteran Squad (70) with 2 Meltaguns (20)

Trooper Raddick
Troopr Marbo (65)

"Hammer of Justice" & "Bird Of Prey"
2 Vendettas (260)

"Death From Above" & "The Wraith" & "Vengeance"
3 Valkyries (300) with Multiple Rocket Pods (90)

"Death Dealer" & "Grief"
2 Valkyries (200) with Multiple Rocket Pods (60) and Heavy Bolter Sponsons (20)

Here are a few models that didn't quite make the list... BUT I like the conversions...


  1. Wow, 7 valks/vends? Would love to see some group shots of this army!

    A lot of the time special forces guys are inserted by air; wouldn't be a stretch to say that Marbo has done the same here. HALO type jump earlier and has been hanging out waiting for the main force.

    How do you find the squadrons work? Things that big that need to stay so close could cause some problems I would think.

  2. I will get proper picts up for you soon man. :)

    As for the squadrons they do not bother me as much as I thought they would. I just need to remember to stay well away from squads with more than one melta gun.

    Offensively I don't mind too much either. I like the idea of combining fire to wipe targets out.

    Of course I have been playing them in friendlies so far. My opinion might change once I get to a proper tournament.