Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Review of Raven Guard Shadow Captain Korvydae

Well after what felt like forever I got my forgeworld shipment. Good stuff ll around. I got 6 packs of vets with shotguns, some respirator heads, more Blood Angel brass etch and this fine gentleman:

OK OK I know I am not likely to ever use a thunder hammer on a power armoured independent character. Can you say killed before you swing? I know I can. Anyway. I love beakie marines and when I saw this model on the new release pages of the forgeworld site when I was placing an order anyway... I just had to buy him.

Review time. The detail on this model is truly astounding. It is so minute that I am afraid to paint it. I haven't been afraid to paint a model in something like 10 years. It says "Mortis" on his holster flap. Amazing detail. On top of that I really like the way they were able to pose him. He looks like he is actually running. Sometimes you get stuck with a 2 dimensional model with metal and some plastic models. This guy gives me chills. Ok... Sounding alittle too much like a fan boy but I am really excited about this model. (He does come with more purity seals that he knows what to do with though! Thankfully half of them come off the model to start with... I'll be going for a slightly less pure version.)

I really want my valkyries to be done so I can paint him... for an army I don;t have... sigh... Speaking of the army I really like that all of the Raven Guard stuff is beakie helm and matching armour. It is studded on one shoulder pad and even on this guy's backpack. It is a nice touch that differentiates the army on the table top... In a word... I like...

He does have some unfortunate mold lines on his shoulder pads (at least mine did) BUT otherwise the model was relatively mold line free. Nothing is warped which is a nice change from my last FW order. My main gripe is that it took ages to get him... As I wrote before I hate waiting... I really do...

Anyway... Til next time gang...

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