Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Look at My Take On The Alienids

I know that the Alien horde has been done but I couldn't help myself. I am such a hopeless fan of the movies, games, comics, books, etc... that I had to do an alien army.

(BTW my valkyries are still chugging away. I finished the bone lining between the red and green camo. The photos looked alot like the ones that I just took so I thought I would post some pictures of other things I have done)

Over the Christmas break I completed 58 hormagaunts, 11 Genestealers and three zoenthropes. For the Hormies and the stealers I cut back the heads and sculpted the heads smooth and slightly elongated. I had made the heads longer but they did not fit the bodies after that soooo I had to go back to the smaller shape.

Here are some pictures of the Zoens... I have converted and base coated a Pod to drop them (I just forgot to take a picture of it before I left today). I tried to offset the greys of my colour scheme with brightly coloured blue "jewels" on the head and multi shaded red on the claws. Sorry the lighting isn't so great. Here are some shots:

Here are a few shots of the Hormies and stealers: I painted three layers of red "blood spatter" on the claws to offset the five shades of grey on each gaunt. I also added some light silver paint to the claws and teeth to resemble the movie aliens...

You may notice the bases are not done... They are half industrial and half gravel with guard bitz on them... Thinking snowy ruins? What do you think will go with the greys and blacks?


  1. Looking great!

    As for basing, I'd say just base them to match your guard, especially if you're going to be using remains on the bases. Not only does it tie them in, but the greens and such will keep the grey from looking even more washed out like snow would.

  2. I agree, but I wouldn't add the grass like on your guard. 'nids eat every living thing, including grass, so your guard forces would be before the 'nids invaded, and the 'nid bases would be the "after."

  3. True... true... Good ideas guys.. Thanks for that...