Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Favorite Kill Count Armies

Kill Count had 66 players this year (2 dropped out during the event. 66 is the final number). There were some tremendous looking armies there. Sadly my pictures of Cane's Wolf Wing came back white and Craig's blood angels were blurry again. Anyway here some of my favorites from the weekend.

Craig's Blood Angels... If you click the pictures get bigger. Notice the drop pod is torn up from the dread ripping its way out! AWESOME!

Finally got our new family camera to replace the one that went to pieces on us. Sadly I got it after Kill Count. These are hopefully the last of the phone camera shots I will be sharing.

Wes's Imperial Fists... It is worthy noting that no foundation paints were used in the painting of this army. NONE!

Leigh's Deathguard... Pretty good for two weeks painting... Leigh you make me sick... :)

A Very nice Krieg army. Done realistically.

Ben's Night Lords. Sorry the picts are blurry. This army is priceless...

Adam's Pyre:

A random and nice puppies army:

With Eastcon less than a month away (another 1750 tourney) I am back in the groove with my next project...

And away we go!

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