Monday, December 5, 2011

A Warlord Games Celt WOC Army

Many of you will remember the sculpting work my buddy Drew does when creating his sensational Warhammer armies (his Pirate Ogres can be seen elsewhere on this blog for example).  Well, Drew decided a while back that he wanted to do something a little different and really wanted to take a marauder themed WOC army.  He decided to go with Warlord Games Celts as the basis for his models.  You might notice that most of the models in the army are wearing kilts.  Drew sculpted ten sets of kilted legs and recast them before matching them to the Warlord Games models.  I am really impressed with the results.  My pictures are fairly average as I am still getting the hang of my new environment, BUT here are Drew's Celts... 

We will start with his horde of 50 Marauders.  Drew tells me there is another group of 50 in the making. Oh before I forget to mention it:  All the Kilts and banner are his family tartan.
Here are the command group ( I love the custom bag pipes)...
the left side of the unit...
and the right side of the unit...

Two units of marauder horsemen:

Two Warshrines:

A few units of chaos hounds:

And a crud load of chariots.  You might notice the BSB chariot further down the page.

One chariot is in front of the other for...  decencies sake...  this is a family blog after all!  :)

 Again I apologise for the quality of the photographs.  I love this army and wanted to share it with the rest of you.

Til next time with more on the Night/ Doom Scythe Project...


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