Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Badfang's Award Winning Custom Pirate Orks

My tattoo artist and good mate Leigh (AKA Badfang) won Player's Choice at the largest tournament in the Southern Hemisphere a few years back with his Pirate's of The Caribbean Ork Pirate army.  I was finally able to get his army, my camera and a well lit room in the same place long enough to get some good pictures.  Without further ado...  Here is his army.

The Kaptain
Mission Specific models... The Key holding dog, the parrot, and the monkey (squigs).

Members of his Nob Mob (the Fishhooks are Power Klaws)

More Nobz

Wouldn't be a Pirate Army without this lad!

Wooden Mega Nobz...  (The one in the middle has fallen through the planks)

Shock Harpoon Gun

Close up of a Hook Nob


Shoota Boys and Battle Wagon

Shoota Boys in Trukk

More Shoota Boys in another Trukk

More Shoota boys in another Battle Wagon

Deff Kopter


Close up of a Trukk

Close up of a Battlewagon

Trukk Close Up

Dice Box

How Leigh keeps track of the wounds to his Nobz.

The Man himself (with Adam in the Background)


  1. Easy to see why it won player's choice. Wonderfully done!

  2. Love them, I really did enjoy seeing your army and would like to do my own unit at some stage.