Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deathguard "Washed" and Ready!

Well...  I am back.  Been feverishly base coating the rest of the infantry for my new Deathguard army.  I skipped updating the blog as they looked terrible until they got to this point.  Every model in four squads are base coated and washed with Devlin Mud.

Time to get highlighting!

Squad 1 has a power fist and two plasma guns.
 Squad 2 has a power fist and two melta guns.
 Squad 3 has a power sword and two meltaguns.
 Squad 4 has a power fist and two meltaguns. (You can see the test model is part of squad 4)
Got to work on the Great Unclean One today as well.  The Ol' Cyclops will make an appearance soon.
Back in 24 hours...

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