Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Tattoos and The Beginnings of a Canopy

Sooo last Sunday evening my buddy Leigh (Badfang for those in the 40K world) started the process of updating my old ink.  It has been over a decade since my last "tat" and it was as fun a process as I remembered.  I got a giant star accross my right shoulder that generally looks like this:
Mine is uncoloured so far but that will be changing shortly.  Pictures will be provided.

Anyway...  back to the Night/Doom Scythe.  I finished cutting and gluing the other wing pieces together last night and as I finished early enough to do something else I started monkeying around with the left over pieces of plasticard left over from the wing sections.  Pleasingly they all sort of came together.

First the wing:
As you can see it looks alot like its twin before it was green stuffed (though it does taper a bit more towards the tip).  Once it is "greened" up they should match nicely.

Now for the canopy/ hull of the plane.  I am doing it in sections to allow for easier casting later.
I have blue tacked a necron torso in place so you get an idea of where the pilot will sit and to give you an idea of scale.  Yes it is ugly as sin but it is only the skeleton that I will green stuff over to make a rounded hull. I really like that the canopy overlaps the wings when it fits together.

Here is a photo with the wings in their proper place:
I know it is not done and that the hull needs a full extra section added to the rear (I am thinking engines) but I am really excited about how the scythe is coming and I am keen to apply some green stuff tonight.

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