Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Scythe Wing Construction Contines

Sooo  I got some time last night between being ill and preparing for job interviews to do some work on the Night/ Doom Scythe project...

First I started to sand down the wing.  I am by no means done but it is looking much better than before.  I will get back to sanding it smooth as soon as I get its twin done (I want to make sure they match).

 A word to the wise if you are planning to undertake a sanding project of this magnitude.  Make sure you do it outside in a well ventilated area. I made a right and proper mess in my back yard.
I also got to cutting the pieces of 2nd wing...  This is what I have so far...  You can see the progress and the templates that I have used to construct them.
Had a really good talk with my buddy Tim last night and he has given me some really good ideas about how to texture the wing so it has the necron glyph markings on it (Thanks Tim!!!).  Will share them next time...


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