Monday, December 12, 2011

The Scythe Starts to Take Shape

Sooo...  I built the engine for the scythe and green stuffed up the other wing and canopy. 
First the engine (starting with the WIP):
Now assembled:
I realise that there will have to be some gap filling and sanding to make the corners flush but I am preety pleased with how it looks so far. The rectangular vents on the back are a nod to similar structures through out the necron army (destroyer engines, monilith sides, etc)...From another angle:
Now the wings (pre-sanding) match when green stuffed.  I will have to do a fair bit of sanding to make them a) aero dynamic looking b) match after that much abuse...  Here they are as of now:
Now the canopy looks like rubbish at this stage but I am hoping with some solid sanding time...  It will "pop."
Back to the job search and the sanding block it appears...

Til nex time...


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