Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forgeworld Tallarn Review

Well... It is amazing how quickly Forgeworld sends toys when you spend enough money. Less than a week from making my purchase I had over a hundred Tallarn guardsmen. Lets get stuck right in shall we?

Where to start..? Well lets just say I am in LOVE!

Welll.... They are slightly smaller than regular GW models (much like the Kriegers), so true 28mil. They are not heroic scale. The models have a realistic scale to their bodies especially the hands and feet.

Model wise I was very pleased with the sheer amount of gear each model comes with. Pouches, knives, shoulder pads, holsters, backpacks. Every model has gear. I feel a little silly for buying two packs of extra Tallarn gear. The only extra gear I really needed that I got out of those packs were two demo charges and a couple of extra las-pistols. The longlas variant rifles look great in person. Those rifles especially give the models a unique profile that I really like.

On the downside, those rifles while looking good are made of resin. And are cast by Forgeworld. Don;t get me wrong. I love FW BUT I have had some miscast crap from them over the years. The rifles will be the death of me. Mark my words. Out of the 120ish rifles I got in order... Maybe 20 are straight. I will be breaking those barrels for years to come even after completing the army.

I was worried that when I bought 20 packs of the snipers to use as las gunners that I would be painting myself into a corner pose wise BUT this was not the case. Out of the 3 in each pack, 1 is 1 piece, 1 is 2 piece (legs and the rest), and 1 is 3 piece (arms/gun, legs, head/torso). These pieces are completely compatible with the heavy weapon troupers who are all multipart and variable.

Mold lines wise the models are pretty good. A few packs are ugly but I've had worse with regular plastics. We'll have to see how bad it will be to clean them up with a knife as I am not fooling with resin and a file.

I like how every heavy weapon team comes with a heavy weapons sprue. I now have 15 of every heavy weapon... Cool side bonus to spending so much cash I guess. Too bad I don't have a single special weapon. (Thankfully I have heaps from other projects)... I also got a huge pile of sandbags... Who would have thought. Some of the detail those are cool too. I really like the heavy bolter bags that have a pile of grenades on them.

I have sprinkled some quick dirty photos in my writing to give you an idea of what has come. 8 days to finish my Tyranids... Back to painting. Before that though, I am not regretting my Tallarn purchase (yet) and I look forward to getting stuck into them soon.

Until next time gang!


P.S. I could have mentioned the downside of the price. They are more expensive than the Krieg or the Elysians by a fair margin. But I suppose that price goes without saying when you are buying an FW infantry guard army. OUCH!


  1. 120 lasguns? Wow, you weren't kidding about the size of this order! I bought a couple of the heavy weapon teams a few years ago just for fun and am still very impressed with the sandbag emplacements, as well as all the other extras included. Good luck to you finishing your Tyranids and I hope all goes well with your new Tallarn, I'm sure it will be an amazing collection.

  2. Can't wait to see how they turn out. I loved the resin Tallarns.

  3. Can't wait to see these come together. It will be interesting to see how many poses you come up with.

    I don't know if you can fix the las gun barrels the same way I did, but check out the guardsmen second from the right in the top row here. You can see I replaced the barrel with a section of a straight (sewing) pin. The Tallarn las gun is smaller, so may be more tricky. Also, doing 120 of them may be mind numbing, but may be worth the aggravation later.