Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspiration or "Copy Catting?"

Ok so I want on my usual peruse of Ebay today just to see what is moving and shaking in the world of wardollies and to my surprise I found a 2nd Floating Eyeball, Tzeentch Daemon army!

For those aware I did that years ago for the last Liber Animus tournament here in Melbourne. I posted it on Warseer a awhile back at I was bombarded with questions concerning how and why I did it. A gentleman on there asked if he could do something similar. I didn’t have a problem with it and he did almost a carbon copy of my army (that looks better to be fair).. . Good on him. Now I find there is another one…

This is actually pretty cool that people have identified with the idea so much that they are replicating my idea with their own spin. The eyeballs in the above army are much larger than mine and they went for the lidless eyes that I generally stayed away from (flamers and LOC aside).

My problem starts when as I was playing on the weekend a kid came up to me at a tournament and told me that I was copying a guy he had seen online. At first I thought that he was referring to my army. Then I thought it might be the warseer guy but now I think he was referring to the Ibis (ebay) guys. Now Ibis miniatures is a painting company that churns out miniatures at a frantic pace. Will my Eyeballs become one of their regular items?

I guess that means that people will stop complaining that they don’t know what is what in my armies…. ☺ (I will have to post my blood letters as mini pacman heads soon but I am holding a few on my ideas from the blog til they show up at Orktoberfest in two weeks).

I don’t think my hobby has been terribly inspirational in the past. I guess I am just getting used to the idea.

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