Monday, February 14, 2011

Silly Idea (Plague Packers?) Help?


Stay with me on this one... I am thinking of fielding an assault marine Jump list (ala Blood Angels)... Using Plague marine models... HUH? Why? Well I like the idea of Feel No Pain being represented somehow and plague marine models look the part. So I was thinking of taking 4 units of Jumpers with two jumping Sang Priests...

Now I also got to thinking about using my Grim Reaper/ Nightbringer converted up Nurgle Daemon Prince as the Sanguinor as his rules come very close to those of a DP.

What do you guys think... Too silly... Admittedly I haven't slept much BUT I have the models and I am itching to try out the Army Painter Bone spray with Dip for a laugh... I also have some Back-2-basix ship plating bases I would love to use for this project. Thinking rust effects could look cool.


P.S. I could drop the Sanguinor if that would tone down the hurt...

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  1. Sure! Plenty of diseases are airborne! If you want an all-jump army, BA is pretty much the only way to go.