Thursday, June 2, 2011

Return of the Wyches (WIP)

Terracon is coming up and I thought it would make an excellent opportunity to expand my Dark Eldar wyche cult to 1500 points (from 1200points). To beef up my list I added a fighter (which I am still designing) and another full unit of nine wyches in a raider (with night shields so they match).

My units can be told apart by differing hair colours. I had run through red, blonde, brown, blue, and black. Was time for something radical. I went for Joker Green to compliment the purple on the models. I don’t think these photos do the colour justice. The colours are eye aching bright.

As with the other wyches I enlisted the help of my buddy Chris Cousins to help me with the highlights on these models and as usual I am mightily impressed with the speed and skill of his work.

These models are made entirely out of bitz I had sitting around. Not one was a standard model (other than Lilith of course). I really like the models that have the new wyche running legs married to the old wyche jet-biker torso and arms.

Yes, I have to finish the bases but I will do that soon. What do ya’ll think?

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