Monday, November 28, 2011

Project Night (Doom) Scythe

Well kids,

I am back again.  This time reports are in and the rewrites are almost done.  I have been on school camp and come back relatively alright.  Time for a project.  Something ridiculously silly.  Well, I have found my project.

I got to reading the Necron book over the weekend and I really got into the story of the raider moon that sends sortees of Night Scythe and Doom Scythe fighters to torment and capture the population of the planet below.  I also like the idea of fleets of these flyers as part of the first wave of necron invasions.  Result...  I need some.  Now I know that they will be in the necron 2nd wave (or are rumored to be anyway) BUT Arcanicon is coming up in January AND I am not terribly patient. Sooooo...  I will be creating a generic "Scythe" kit out of plasicard, green stuff and whatever else I can find in pieces.  I will then recast these parts in resin.  I will then build, paint and play with an army of these things.  (I hope)

This is by far the most ambitious project undertaken on this blog soooo bear with me...
First of all let's look at the "bird" in question: (see right)

I have decided to start easy and build the wings. Using the necron pilot as a reference I scaled up measurements for the wings.  I then looked at what I could buy in plasticard.  I will admit.  I think the wings should be around 18cm long...  Mine will be as large as I could get out of plasticard... 16cm...  I will either make up for this with the cockpit area or...  I might let it go.  Either way I will be close... I hope.

I got together with my buddy Drew yesterday to discuss the project and we banged out a few sketches and ideas.  Here is the most coherent of our notes:
And here is the beginning of the work:

I am measuring and cutting both wings at once.  Trying for symetry here...
I have measured out the wings and have started to cut.  With any luck I will have one wing ready to show by tomorrow.


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