Friday, April 6, 2012

Mangler Squig Scratch Build Progress (And a Cheap Chaos Dwarf Cannon Alternative)


Let's start by saying I am extremely tired of extreme highlighting terminators....  So I have stopped and I am taking a break.  Back to the Mangler Squigs!
For those just tuning in, I really dislike the GW Mangler Squig model soooo I have made my own out of Chaos spawn legs, green stuff and a couple of ping pong balls...
So the basic squig was done when we last checked in.  I have started the "furrying" process...
You might notice that the fur is not done.  I had to stop for fear of putting my fingers in what I was doing.  I hoping to get the fur done on these shortly. 
I like to use "grey stuff" for fur.  I just think that it is the better medium  for the fur texture. Having spent some time looking at the fur on the Ridgeback that lives in my house (long story) I have intentionally sculpted the fur to have a direction that looks vaguely circular. 
So I also got back into the troll unit.  These will likewise be furred up soon (the lips are still drying).  I have decided to skip the eyes on these guys.  I like the look of them as is though I would love to see nostrils on these guys.  I will have to give that a try.  I know the legs still look sketchy BUT I am hoping that fur will fix that.

In chaos dwarf news...  My buddy Dave found this little beauty on Ebay for $6 from a seller in Russia.
I am very excited to get my grubby paws on one.  Thanks Dave!!!

Speaking of which... It is the big guy's birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATEY!!!
Here is a photo of the birthday boy rocking Destiny's Child at the first ever Warhammer Royalty Karaoke Night in Canberra earlier this year.

I bring this up because 2.0 commences tomorrow night.  As Dave says "We are going to Party Hardy When We Party!"

Pictures to (maybe) come...


  1. Love the work on the Troll Squigs! Still contemplating to do them for my NG force also, but not sure if I should stop other projects for it yet ;)

  2. Love the squigs and the patina effect on the cannon is wonderful. Not too much, but just enough to catch your eye. Well done.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Can you please give a link to where you found those cannons? I really like the look.