Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alternate Mordian Guard!

I have always had a soft spot for my old Mordian boys.  My Mordian army was used as the bad guys in the GW Hunt For The Fallen battle tour ages ago and was the army that I used to win Arc for the first time way back then.  For years they were my "A game" and sadly I sold them (as they honestly were not painted very well).  Though I loved the models I HATED the lasguns and I hated painting the same models over and over.  No longer it appears.

Victoria Miniatures are back with new bits packs...

Previously they had done kilt legs, gas masks and pith helmeted formal guardsmen.

Now they have these:

Capped Heads


Tassled shoulder plates


Formal tunic torsos


You can also see the new sword and pistol arms.

Very sexy indeed!

The price is right (I think it is still cheaper than GW plastics in Australia) and from what I hear the quality is BRILLIANT!  I am thinking a new Mordian army might be in my future...


P.S. For those wondering about scale...  Here you go:
(Looks close enough for government work... if you know what I mean)

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